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What a London Based Cleaning Company Has to Say About 2021 And Its Services Due to Covid?


As a professional cleaning company based in London, we have also faced the difficulties that the Covid pandemic brought forward.

We have amended the way we conduct our services to reflect the current epidemiological situation and to ensure the safety of our teams and clients.

What a London Based Cleaning Company Has to Say About 2021 And Its Services Due to Covid

In the light of the current situation our domestic cleaning service offers the much needed regular cleaning to ensure that all bacteria and viruses are kept away from your home. The same dedicated members of our team will attend your property on a weekly or fortnightly basis, following your requirements and ensuring that your home is dust and dirt free. All cleaners are instructed to strictly follow all government guidelines against Covid and ensure to keep social distancing. They clean all areas in the property that are not occupied during the visit, wearing gloves and protective masks at all times.

Furthermore, we have also introduced our professional steam cleaning service that can be combined with our other services. It offers further sanitizing and disinfection for your property using steam cleaning machine that heats up the water to 150 degrees before generating steam onto the surface. This service is especially effective at loosening and removing harmful particles. Our professional steam cleaning machine not only cleans but also sanitizes the surfaces killing up to 99.9 % of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses, which is especially important these days during the Covid epidemic.

Working closely with the most prominent real estate agents on the market, at CleanDay London we have also worked to re-organize the cleaning of properties that require an end of tenancy cleaning service. Our teams can pick up keys from the office of the estate agent and drop them back once the clean is done, so as to minimize socializing to ensure the health and safety of the tenants and our cleaning teams alike.

We also continue to offer our communal cleaning services, which are especially suitable for all the common areas in the blocks that are used on a daily basis by many of the residents and require regular cleaning, especially all touch points (handles, phone handsets, intercom buttons) which can easily spread bacteria and viruses.

Despite the difficult times due to the Covid pandemic, we continue to offer our professional cleaning services to our private and corporate clients alike following vigorously the government guidelines. As the safe and health of our clients and teams is our priority we have taken all necessary measures and strictly follow the government guidelines. Our experienced and dedicated teams have all been instructed to take all safety measures during their visit, wearing protective gear throughout the cleaning session.


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