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What is an SPV, and How Can it Benefit Your Business?


An SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) refers to a legal entity that is often organized as a subsidiary of a corporation and gives it a specific purpose or status. It is utilized for asset and financial management in various sectors. Some time ago, SPV companies faced criticism for being abused, especially in the instance of the American company, Enron and Lehman Brothers. Well managed and well regulated, they can offer many benefits. Before the monetary crisis, SPVs were regarded as too flexible, and the tightening of regulation and governance in the following years greatly contributed to their viability.

What is an SPV, and How Can it Benefit Your Business

Understanding an SPV

A parent corporation creates the SPV to securitize or isolate assets in a discrete company that is regularly off the balance sheet. It can be initiated to carry out a risky project as it protects the parent corporation from the most significant risks of failure. In other instances, an SPV can only be set up to securitize the debt so that investors may be assured of compensation. Besides, the SPV activities are narrowed to the financing and acquisition of particular assets, and the structure of the individual company serves as a technique of segregating the perils of these activities. The SPV administration can act as a counterparty to swaps and various credit-sensitive derivatives.

Various SPV Applications in Business

Businesses can use SPVs to achieve critical business goals and objectives. Here are some techniques that companies can use.

  • Risk reduction and Isolation: When a company has a large project or a huge acquisition, you can create the SPV to legally isolate yourself from the risks associated with the new company.
  • Protection of intellectual property: SPVs are valuable equipment to protect the intellectual property (IP) of a parent company. For instance, if the parent corporation has pre-existing license agreements, you can generate an SPV to possess the IP and separate it from pre-existing contracts.
  • Fast transfer of non-negotiable assets: A corporation can quickly transfer or sell non-transferable possessions through SPVs. For instance, if a parent company wants to complete a merger, it can quickly trade its SPV as a separate package.
  • Securitization of accounts receivable as loans: Various companies generally use SPV to secure their mortgages and other accounts receivable. For instance, a bank may eliminate its mortgage-backed collaterals from its other liabilities by setting an SPV.
  • Liquidity and financing: SPVs may be used to convert illiquid assets that are not rated into liquid and rated securities. This allows companies to obtain more financing.
  • Investment security: Parent companies may use their SPVs to assess the market before investing entirely. Investment firms utilize this strategy when entering into the fiscal market.
  • Financial engineering: The SPV can help a company raise assets for new acquisitions or deals without increasing their liability. They may raise capital from SPV sponsors and investors.

Benefits of SPV to Your Business

SPV has many benefits to your company. However, you can choose to take advantage of the services of corporations that are professionals in special vehicle applications and concepts for better management. Below are some advantages of SPV for your business operations.

  • Protects the parent company‚Äôs assets during the economic crisis and reduces credit risk for investors and stakeholders.
  • The entire process can be completed quickly and offers entrepreneurs more room to maneuver in just 24 hours.
  • Facilitates the accessibility of private companies and institutions to the investment markets.
  • One entity may be possessed by multiple associates and transferred to an SPV, facilitating transfer between involved parties.
  • In general, securitized credits have a lower interest rate than corporate bonds, resulting in monetary savings.
  • The certification of an SPV can be modified to avoid certain transactions or unlawful behaviors that protect the entity.
  • The proprietorship of investors and shareholders of the parent company is not diluted.
  • An SPV may save your business from tax, particularly if you craft it in tax havens.

Finally, applying smart trading strategies can enhance your business outcomes. Utilizing tools like SPV makes it possible to reduce your risk exposure for your new business or projects. Be sure to follow the laws on its use to avoid legal and regulatory problems. Also, use it and enjoy the many benefits that it brings to your company or business.


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