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What Should be the Criteria for Buying an Excavator?


For the fast and high-quality implementation of various earthworks, special equipment is used like excavators. With their help, you can dig a trench, a pit, carry out the dismantling of buildings, break concrete, and much more. It is very difficult to find a universal technique that can cope with the whole list of works. Each type of excavator has its pros and cons. The study of these features is precisely the main task that must be solved before buying or renting special equipment. The excavator buckets for sale can save a lot of money if you buy it at a discount.

What Should be the Criteria for Buying an Excavator

Earthwork is one of the important stages in the construction of various objects. Often, to give the site a finished look, a significant change in the topography and soil structure at the construction site with the involvement of excavators is required. With the help of special equipment, additional clearing and planning of the territory are carried out, digging pits, pits, trenches for laying communication systems, as well as other types of excavation are carried out. In the modern consumer market, excavators are represented by a wide range of products from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Well, let’s have a look at the following criteria for buying an excavator.

Criteria for Buying an Excavators

Types of Excavators

To choose the right earth moving machine, estimate the amount of the proposed works. For long-term and large-scale work, a full-size modification is suitable. If the volume is small and the space is limited, then the full-fledged equipment will not be able to turn around. In this case, you must stop the choice on a mini-excavator. An excellent option for use on a construction site can be an excavator tractor, which simultaneously combines the functions of both machines.

Take Into Consideration Technical Characteristics

When choosing a bucket boss, you do not only take into account its technical characteristics like the design of the working suspension, carrying capacity, the depth of the excavated trench, the lifting height, and the volume of the bucket but also pay attention to the conditions of the machine. For example, to work on weak, rocky soils or where high traffic is needed, you need to select tracked equipment. For urban conditions, soil with high bearing capacity, as well as with the necessary frequent relocation from one site to another is essential. It would be more advisable to look at the Pneumo Wheel model. If you plan to use the earth moving machine at low temperatures, opt for the northern modification of the excavator. There is also a tropical version for working in hot climates.

Inspect your Excavator

Begin the evaluation of the technique with a visual inspection. The presence of dents, cracks or welds on the body is a big minus. Buying such an excavator will bring only problems and unplanned costs. Particular attention should be paid to the arrow. If you find cracks, distortions or traces of welding on it, then refuse to buy, even if the price is tempting. The purchase, delivery and replacement of the item will cost a round sum, which will cross your savings. In the presence of an experienced operator, start the engine and listen to its sound. It will not be superfluous to take a sample of the oil. Based on its characteristics, experts will tell a lot about the machine. Try a used excavator in all modes of operation, while paying attention to backlash and any problems. Remember to check the pressure in the hydraulic system and look for signs of leakage near the engine.

Check All Documents of Excavators

Ask to show documents on the equipment. Look at them, where and how many times the excavator underwent maintenance. If you have any doubts, then do not rush to buy or rent a digging machine. You have to look for one that will satisfy all your requests.

Purpose of Work

The number of hours worked is another major indicator. The excavators manufactured in European countries have an operating time of 7-8 thousand hours, which is quite acceptable. The technology of such machines is expensive, but this overpayment is fully justified. There are cases when this special equipment functioned perfectly even after the operating time of 20-30 thousand hours. Asian excavators are best purchased with new ones.

Most of these machines are not designed for long-term operation, so the purchase of a used Asian-made excavator with an operating time of more than 3-4 thousand hours is not recommended. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. These special machines are reliable enough that even some other models can also last a long time.

Choice of Model

The choice of model is very important. Having looked at a suitable option, do not be too lazy to find reviews and chat with specialists. Employees of service centers probably know how often this model needs repair and how reliable it is.

Bottom Line

The conclusion suggests itself! Buying used fortress equipment requires attention to detail and great care. The key to a successful purchase is attracting specialists to the selection and independent in-depth study of the issue.

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