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What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Car Keys for the 10th Time


Okay, it’s the 10th time you’ve lost keys, and you’ve finally hit your limit. The following are some things you can do to address this car key misplacement you’ve been experiencing.

What to Do When You've Lost Your Car Keys for the 10th Time

Train the Mind

One thing you may way want to consider is training your mind. You do this by actively visualizing what you have to do with your keys every day. To make it easier to train your mind, organize as much as you can.

Create a place for your keys, and make sure you place your keys there each time. It may also be a good idea to train your mind to remember where your spare key is after you get a key duplication done. Yes, you still need a duplicate because you are just getting started with this training.

Scan and Check

You must develop a habit of checking and scanning. You are going to be checking yourself, your pockets, and everything else so that you always take what you need. You should do your best to scan the room where you are or your vehicle.

You are doing this so that your brain has an opportunity to remember everything. When you scan areas, make sure you try to focus. The more attention you give an area, the more you’ll be able to remember. This one is going to take a second to get used to, but you’ll develop the habit soon enough.

Stick to Smarter Clothes

Depending on your sense of style, it’s important to take active steps to ensure that your clothes aren’t the reason you keep losing your keys. Yes, this could be happening for all sorts of reasons.

For example, if your pants have small pockets, then it’s easy for your keys to fall out without you noticing. Those with no pockets sometimes hold on to their keys the whole time they are out, but that also increases the chances of forgetting your keys somewhere. You want all of your clothes to have deep pockets that aren’t too lose to keep your keys safe while you are out.

Obnoxious Keychain

The keychain you choose can make it easier to forget your keys or to remember them. It may seem crazy that a wild keychain could make a difference, but it’s the truth since these types of keychains are harder to miss. You want to go for keychains that are not only colorful and wild but bulky.

Since the ornament you are going to choose will be loud, make sure it’s something you are willing to show in public. This is not the time to simply choose the first keychain you see; try your best to choose something that represents your unique personality so that you feel more than happy to use this keychain around friends or at work.

Use Today’s Tech

Another good idea is to use today’s tech to avoid losing your keys. At the moment, you can purchase a Bluetooth tracker to help you find your keys every time. You need to attach the tracker to your keys and have the corresponding app on your phone.

If you lose your keys, then use the app to get directions to the location of your keys. This is a pretty good gadget for those who are tired of losing their keys though there is a bit of a drawback. The tracker works if you have your phone, but some people lose their phones as well. You might want to have the app on multiple devices so that you can still find your keys if you lose your phone. The best thing you can do is use today’s tech along with some of the aforementioned tips.

These are just some things you can do to avoid losing your keys, but there are many other steps you can take. For one, you can use post-it notes that’ll be there to remind you to check for your keys. It may also be a good idea to have a good locksmith’s number handy. Don’t just go for the professional you see online, but take your time with this selection so that you don’t overpay for the service in your time of need.


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