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Why Negative Reviews in Initial Stage Can Be a Game Changer for Your Business


So you finally gave a kick start to your lifelong dream of becoming your own boss and opened an entrepreneurial venture. It turns out the target audience was not as enthusiastic about it as you were. So the question is,

  • Where do you head from this point?
  • Do you give up entirely and forget about it?
  • Or do you take it as an opportunity to build up a better and stronger business to give people what they want?

Why Negative Reviews in Initial Stage Can Be a Game Changer for Your Business

Getting negative reviews or feedback is not a sign of failure for a business but rather an opportunity for success. Even the most prominent brands in the industry once started out small. They tackled angry, disgruntled customers and client outrage for making mistakes until they worked to make up for it and settle the cases once and for all.

Let’s find out what you can do to make the best use of negative reviews.

7 Ways You Can Use Negative Reviews as a Fantastic Opportunity to Be a Game Changer for Your Business

Therefore, here are seven excellent ways to use negative reviews as a game-changer opportunity for your business.

1. Check where exactly the problem lies

Most of the time, it happens that business owners tend to ignore the main issue or substitute it for another, thinking that maybe fixing one thing would clear out the problem. Sometimes it works through what is called the trickle-down effect. As all the aspects of the business are connected, fixing one problem automatically fixes the other. However, this takes time, and time is not in their favor for many new entrepreneurial ventures. A new startup needs to fix things as soon as they can to maintain the place they have made in the market. Therefore, take those negative reviews to the dot and check exactly where the problem lies to address it specifically.

2. Own your mistake and take the criticism as an opportunity to change

Many business owners take negative reviews personally. That is not the right way to accept bad reviews even though sometimes customers can be very mean. Understand that your customers don’t have anything personal against you per se but your business that you are doing. For instance, you are failing to meet their demands by unsatisfactory product quality. Hence, the right way to take negative criticism is to own your mistake of not satisfying the customers and taking even the meanest of comment as an opportunity to change and make the product quality better.

3. Show that you care about what your customers say

Always remember that for a successful business, the customer is the king. As much as you are doing this business for your own good and interest, your success lies with how satisfied your customer is with you. Therefore, you cannot ignore what your customers are saying and continue with; however, you are conducting your business. You have to not only take importance in customer feedback but show that you care about what they have to say. Acknowledging that you are working towards making things better because of what your customers say is the best foot forward in a situation like this.

4. Respond to feedback in a timely and professional manner

Replying to negative comments can be hard, but completely downplaying them is not the answer. Make sure you are compassionate about your customer’s dissatisfaction and reply something along the lines of working towards making it better. Also, late replies or no responses to an already frustrated customer are definitely a scheme of brand image destruction. Make sure you have prompt and professional replies at your fingertips to respond back in a timely manner. You can learn from the best essay writing service in town for knowing how to respond to negative comments.

5. Find your strength in the market and leverage it while you work to buildup

So you are working towards making things better, but it will take some time. So what do you do meanwhile? You cannot pause or halt your business operations until a new strategy is in place, or a better quality product is launched. In order to counter this issue, a business owner needs to reflect and see what the one thing that is working for it. Every business has an aspect that is better than any other in the market. For instance, people are not happy with your academic writing, but they love your essay editing service. So it would be best if you leveraged that until you fix the remaining issue.

6. Offer an incentive to make up for the blunder

Never leave your customers hanging in hopes that things will get better. Customers will not wait around for that to happen. They will move on to one of your competitors that offer them better value. Customers require a prompt response and action taken to make up for the blunder. Therefore, you can counter this situation and not risk losing your customers to your competitors by offering incentives like discounts on the next purchase, refund for the current purchase, etc.

7. Analyze and test your new strategy

Now you finally have the new strategy to gear things up better. But one last thing you should do before it to analyze and test your new strategy. Before you go live with it, launch the new product or any other change that you have made, test it real-time to see if it works this time around and tweak it on hand if it doesn’t without repeating the cycle all over again of going through customer feedback to know where you are lacking.

In Conclusion:

Negative feedback works as a warning alert that something in your empire doesn’t seem to be working. The earlier you catch it and fix it is the best for your business. That is why bad reviews are significantly important for newer startups to learn better earlier on in the business than to rest on a slowly crumbling business empire later on.


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