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The high range of risk to the online data owing to the cyber crimes can put people in trouble in just one click. That is why it is important to have a clear idea to the users about who is having an access to their online data and what could be done to limit its access. In this concern a new rule is launched called General Data protection regulation act (GDPR) that help people to know about the data security rights they have. Every website is supposed to make its visitors familiar with its privacy policy so that no misuse of the data can be done illegally by website owners. Here are few points that you need to understand about GDPR act to save yourself from the cyber crimes of data robbery.

All the Ordinances of GDPR act that Onlyblog.net complies

As per the guidance of the General Data protection regulation act Onlyblog.net completely comply with the instructions. As per this rule every website must let its users or visitors about the privacy policies and kind of visitor’s data collected by the website owner once the consent is given to accept privacy policy. More you can also come to know that where this personal data is being used by the website. The Onlyblog.net is a platform that provides information to the people through different blogs of various niches. The purpose of the blog is not to hack the personal data of the visitors to put them in trouble. Your data is not shared to any dangerous source by the mentioned website as it follows the objectives of GDPR act very actively.

Data to which Onlyblog.net can have access when you accept privacy policy

This is very important for you to have a clear mind about which type of data you are allowing Onlyblog.net to have an access on. Most of the time people accept the privacy policy of the website without having an idea that they are sharing their personal data. So have a look on the type of data that we can avail with your consent to no objection with our privacy policy.

  1. The primary data like your email ID can easily be accessed by the website when you show no objection to the privacy policy.
  2. When you have no problem with sharing your data with us we can trace your IP address with ease.
  3. Your device from which you are having an access on the website is no longer hidden from the website owner in case you are accepting the privacy policy.
  4. It is also possible to trace your location to the owner of the website once you admit the privacy instructions given on the website.

These are important data information, which are easy to get by the onlyblog.net from its users. In case you are not in harmony to allow the website to go with your personal data you can easily deny accepting the privacy policy of the website without any problem. That is how nobody will be able to get a control on your online data.

How Onlyblog.net is using your personal data once you accept their privacy policy?

Now this is very clear so far that which sort of data can be traced by the website owner in case you give a green signal for it. But it is also important to know that how and where this data is being utilized and can it cause any threat to your cyber security. Well, here are the important points given below that will help you to understand the kind of utilization made by Onlyblog.net from the user’s data.

  1. Your data can be given to businessmen for the purpose of email marketing your email ID can be used by the website to send you email regarding business promotion.
  2. To improve the website content and level by asking customer’s feedback online about the Onlyblog.net.
  3. To send the newsletter regarding new post that is blogs posted on the website to let the user not skip any blog.
  4. Your data can also be used to make different surveys by the businessmen regarding their product and services and Onlyblog.net help such businessmen to find their consumer by sharing the email and other data. Only those businessmen are considered for sharing data which are reliable and authentic.

These are some common uses of the data that is collected from every individual by the website. No harmful activities are involved like selling of data to terrorists and other people who can use it for wrong deeds. So while you are sharing your data with the obnlyblog.net do not bother about any kind of mismanagement of your data. Your data is on the safest hand without any sort of risk to it.

You can limit the access of your online data to Onlyblog.net easily

This is the best thing that website users have in their hand regarding the security of their personal data. In case they do not have any mind to share their data with the website, they can easily refuse to accept the privacy policy. At the same time visitors can also resist any kind of subscription and registration for the newsletters as well. That is how the private data remain in the cocoon. But in such case user will not be able to grab the facilities of updates regarding the new blogs posted on the website. There are only few or negligible numbers of people who do not give their permission for having an access to their data as all of them know that Onlyblog.net website never involve any illegal and irrelevant supply of the data.

So if you are very much conscious about your online security which is actually good in the present scenario then do remember all the above things mentioned here. Think a number of times before you allow any website to use your personal data apart from Onlyblog.net. Within a single click on your device you can put yourself in huge problem so always be wise and smart while using smart technology.