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10 Pro Tips to Help Your Packaging Design Go Next-Level


Packing these days plays a significant part in boosting business sales. Unboxing videos are a trend these days. Such videos promote the perfect packing and colors used to cover the product. Therefore, you should also learn some tips to help your packaging design go to the next level.

Pack the product with simplicity

Those were the olden days when everyone loved glitter and showy-colored packages. Now everyone loves pastel colors and light shades. In short, go for minimalistic designs to pack your products. Being minimal will save you money and time.

You can also keep a fixed theme of packings for your business. Pastel green, lilac, and yellow will make your package stand out. Use contrasting colored ribbons to seal the package.

Pack according to your customer’s taste

Know your customers. You can keep a customization option as well. Through the customization option, your customers can select the material of the package, the writing font, and the colors. If your customers are women, go for pink and purple colors. If your customers are men, go for blue, green, or black. When you know all about your customers, you can finalize a perfect package according to their taste.

Finalize one design out of many

Put some effort into your designs by selecting the best ones, printing them out, and comparing them with each other. Try to figure out which ones look the best. The one that stands out can be finalized for packaging. Make this decision with other workers. Take their ideas, too, and include them in the selection process. When you love the packaging, your customers will too.

Don’t over design

If the product is premium, package it well. But if the product is ordinary, there is no point in investing resources in expensive packaging. You can take help from a branding agency to work out ideal packaging designs from the shape of boxes to the logos and text that are printed on them.

For example, the box should be beautiful if you are packing a wedding ring. It should have a velvety texture. The color should be the customer’s choice. Moreover, if it is a perfume, the box can have ornaments attached to it. The bottle’s shape should be sleek.

Packaging box size

The product you want to pack should be the size of your box. A lot of people notice the perfect fit. You can also design separate boxes for separate products. It should be the product’s right shape, color, and figure.

Durability of the package

The package’s resilience also contributes to your package design going to the next level. The beauty won’t carry much significance if the box looks appealing but weak. The package should have a rope handle or any gripping place. This will assure that the package doesn’t fall, especially if it is a heavy product.

A User-Friendly Package

Apart from the package allowing the user to open it easily, it should also be waterproof, especially if the product is liquid. All pourable product packages should have a spout. The cap should now allow extra products to come out. Some people consider resealable packages because they repack their products after every use.

Eco friendly

Nowadays, people consider buying reusable packages or ones that are eco-friendly. Many customers dislike the extra layers of plastic and thick boxes that will eventually be useless after unboxing. Therefore, you can think of a biodegradable bag. Some big brands have bags that save the environment. You tear off the paper and sow it in the soil to see a plant emerge.

Easier to stack

Some packages have to be stacked up before the final shipment. The package should not be shapeless. It should be easier to stack. You all need to think about the display of your product. It should look good after being displayed. Elegant and decent displays always attract customers.

Avoid confusing packaging

Don’t get too engrossed in the packaging that the customers fail to understand the purpose of the real product. The packaging should reflect the product that is inside. It shouldn’t be very different. The outer layer of the packaging should help customers identify the product type. Customers can walk away and not spend a minute in complicated yet puzzling packing. Hence, keep it simple.


Do your research before starting the packaging. Know your product type because not every type of packaging is best for all products. Decide your packaging according to the worth of the product and see how your packaging goes next level.

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