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4 Areas Where Property Value is Booming


The home market is always changing, and some areas are on the rise. If you’re considering investing in property, it’s important to know where prices have increased the most over the last few years. This blog post will explore four of these hot spots. What are their offers to buyers that are looking to buy a home or cupertino apartments for rent?

4 Areas Where Property Value is Booming

These are only four areas mentioned, but there are others that the value of the property has boomed. If you are intending to invest in one of these areas, keep reading and you will be able to make an informed decision

First up: Greensboro/High Point area.

The Piedmont Triad region has experienced rapid growth lately. With average home values increasing by almost 40% since 2010 (according to Zillow). That translates into higher home equity for homeowners who bought now! What makes the Greensboro area so desirable? It has fantastic schools, low crime rates, and a great job market. Though the region has experienced rapid growth, it is still the best place for property investment.

Second: Raleigh-Durham area.

This region is home to North Carolina‚Äôs capital city. Also, the beautiful Research Triangle Park encompasses Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill as well as other major research centers. Home prices have increased by almost 30% since 2010 according to Zillow with the average home value now standing at $350K! The unemployment rate here (according to Indeed) is just below the national average. This means there are plenty of jobs available for those relocating from out of state. What about renting an apartment? With such a high employment level, it’s no surprise that this area has low crime rates, great schools providing the homebuyers with peace of mind.

This region is also home to two major universities and also has a robust job market. Which offers diverse opportunities in both the service industry and STEM occupations. It’s no wonder this region saw an uptick in home values by 23% since 2010. For those who are looking for a home near one of these colleges or just want access to more jobs options from home, this may be the place for you!

If you want to live near the coast without actually living on it, this is an excellent option! The Triangle region has seen steady growth since 2010 and home values are expected to increase by over 40% more. What’s so special about Raleigh? It offers great public schools as well as plenty of shopping centers. The entertainment options like museums and sporting events. All while being less expensive than other major cities. The area is a superb rental opportunity with top homebuilders in the Raleigh Area

Third up: North Charlotte suburbs.

This region encompasses major areas like Rock Hill and Fort Mill, but home values have increased by over 45% since 2010. If you’re looking for a home in this area, it’s important to know that the average home price here is $175K. With such low prices on homes compared to other popular regions of North Carolina, this may be an excellent opportunity!

Fourth Spot: Charlotte suburbs.

Home prices in this region have increased by over 45% since 2010 with home values now averaging $175K. This is a prime area for homebuyers looking to find an affordable home after the 2008 housing crisis. Besides, it’s also close enough to industry centers that allow you easy access to jobs. Low crime rates and great schools make living here safe and enjoyable. There are also great home builders such as home builders in Goldsboro NC who can help you not only in home improvement needs but also in giving value to a house for sale.


The best spots for home buyers or renters are always changing! If you’re thinking about buying property, take into account where home value has grown most recently. These four regions offer some of the highest growth opportunities at all levels of the market as well as an excellent school system for homebuyers with children. Great schools, low crime rates, and a thriving job market make up some of the best spots to invest in home values. However, home prices are increasing because home builders can’t keep up with the demand from renters. Those who want to move out of their homes and apartments, especially those that are currently being rented!

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