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4 Exotic Vacations for the Whole Family


If you’re trying to plan a family vacation, you know how challenging it can be to choose a destination that has something for everyone. A vacation that includes the interests and preferences that satisfy all the members of your family is possible, but you may have to enlist the help of a travel agent to help you choose the perfect vacation. Whether you want to travel during warm weather or prefer a winter vacation, here are some exotic vacation ideas that could turn into beautiful memories for your family.

4 Exotic Vacations for the Whole Family

Roatan, Honduras

If you want your vacation to include spending time at the beach and learning about the creatures that live in the sea, you’ll definitely want to see what Rotan, Honduras has to offer. This exotic vacation is affordable, especially if you’re traveling with a large group. Once you arrive, you can take deep-sea diving and snorkeling lessons so you can take in the beauty of the ocean for yourself. Beachfront rooms for a family cost less than $100 a night, and you can also purchase dive packages for around $100 per individual per night.


If your request to your travel agent was “please plan my trip to Asia,” Singapore will likely be one of the recommendations. This country offers a number of family-friendly activities and the transportation system is clean and reliable. You can take the subway system to get to the attractions you’re interested in instead of worry about getting around in an unfamiliar area. Singapore is known for being orderly and entertaining, and the live shows, museums, and food reflect the Malay, Indian, and Chinese culture in Singapore. You’ll also find several great restaurants and plenty of chances to take in the culture of Singapore. English is also the common language in the country, so you won’t have a hard time communicating when you’re getting around and trying to find attractions.

If your family loves animals, you’ll enjoy attractions like the S.E.A. Aquarium, which is the largest aquarium in the world. Night Safari is another fascinating site if you want to see exotic animals up close. There are also several water parks in Singapore if you want to spend the day swimming and playing water games. Universal Studios Singapore is also a fun attraction if you and your loved ones enjoy roller coasters, live shows, and amusement park snacks. You can also take advantage of the fun things to do on Sentosa Island. Singapore also offers several places to shop so you can find beautiful souvenirs to remind you of your trip.

Greek Islands

You’ve likely seen postcards of Santorini and dreamed about a Greek Island vacation. While this location is relaxing and beautiful, your family may enjoy more activities on Greek islands like Rhodes, Crete, or Kefalonia for a price that fits within your vacation budget. These islands offer homes for rent and hotels for less than $50 a night. You’ll see royal blue rooftops and homes in pastel shades to make your vacation picturesque. The food is delicious and the price point is great, so you and your family can enjoy new foods like halloumi and authentic hummus.


Take a trip with your family to Central America to soak up the sun and see beautiful, exotic animals. Take a trip through the rainforest, tour ancient Mayan ruins, or enjoy shopping and dining in the city. Most restaurants are affordable and offer a wealth of delicious dishes. There are several beautiful bodies of water to go scuba diving in as well.

Keep in mind that there are also several exotic family vacations you can take without leaving the country. If you want to stay at a resort that is near the beach and enjoy decadent seafood dishes, you can check out Amelia Island in Florida. For a thrilling vacation on the West Coast, check out what Santa Barbara in California has to offer. There are a wealth of quality restaurants in the area, or you can get a delicious meal from the local street vendors. Or, take your family on a yacht excursion to take in the beauty of the water.

These vacation ideas provide plenty of things to see and do while you’re on vacation. Your family members will likely all be satisfied with the vacation activities and will look forward to the next trip you’ll take together.

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