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5 Best Beatific Places of Agadir for a Fab Family Break


The North-African haven of Morocco has been the choicest destination with all the ingredients for an ideal family stay. The super scintillating markets, the swanky riads, and comfy country hammams warmly welcome you to spend an alluring time on your fabulous Morocco Family Holidays.

However, the majority of enthusiast families choose Marrakesh as their staying station. After a busy daylong stroll in crazy labyrinths of the hued city souks and some exciting shopping experience, they pack for the comeback.

5 Best Beatific Places of Agadir for a Fab Family Break

This is the obvious and a bit worrisome reason of why this imperial city of Marrakesh is way too touristy and overcrowded.

This blog strongly suggests you contribute your fair share to increase the revenue in Agadir city tourism. Like all other fellow touristy cities, Moroccan Agadir exudes loads of fun loaded family holiday spots that are going to melt your heart away.

Top Family-Friendly Spots of Agadir for Jovial Summers

It’s time to promise your little gems for extraordinary fun and excitement in the soothing summers of Moroccan Agadir. Stun with your little ones to find how magnificent and calming the coastal spot of Africa is away from the noisy souks and metropolises hurries.

Agadir Ouffela

This iconic Kasbah of Agadir is one of the prettiest sites of the city. Known as Tachelhit in Berber tongue, it is a citadel situated at the belt of Atlantic. Mohamed Each-Cheikh founded it. While entering the Kasbah, you will find the ancient Arabic inscription that means “God, Homeland, The King.

This Agadir Kasbah would calm your eyes with majestic sunset views. You can also take your kids for an exciting camel ride around the Kasbah and poggle at its beach point with seaside promenade.

Vallee des Oiseaux

This is truly an unmissable spot of Agadir indeed. If you overlook this fam-fun loaded greenery, you will miss your real familia delight of Agadir stay. It is a palm-shaded Valle, that will give you a paradise-like ambiance. This lush green valley welcomes you to feel the fresh sprinkles of the central waterfall. The stunning fauna and scented fauna of the valley would make it difficult for you to leave this unbeatable piece of Agadir.

Vallee de Oiseaux brings a lovely smile on your kids’ cutie faces with plenty of beautiful animal life roaming in front of them. The fantastic birdlife variety with a flamingo lake and aviary would be a delightful treat for your cutie munchkins.

Agadir’s family-friendly park also includes a small zoo that showcases a breath-taking variety of animal life around the world, including llamas, wallabies, and Chimpanzees.


Let your lively teens stunned with the fearsome variety of Crocodiles in the Crocaparc of Agadir. It is the proud home to the most extensive collection of awe-thrilling Crocodiles of the world. Let them amaze their eyes by looking at the mysterious caves and the unusual manners by which the boldest park staff feeds those magnificent creatures their reserved meat.

After a daylong rambling before the moving crocodiles, you can rest in the tree-shaded picturesque garden of the park.

Grande Roue Agadir

It is a grand Ferris wheel that is located only 25 meters from the beach. It is one of the unique family attractions of this beach city. It was built up by a French businessman in around six months. You will amaze to know that this Agadir wheel is the highest in all Africa, and you can view the superbly scenic view of the Agadir city.

This grand highlight of Agadir operates in daytimes and evenings. But we advise you to take an exciting spin in the dark to admire the twinkling and gleaming lights.

Agadir Valley

Suppose you couldn’t make your way to Crocaparc or Vallee des Oiseaux. In that case, the splendid Agadir Valley is here to satiate your adventurous craving for lively water sports amidst the fresh rushing splish-splash of the Valley water. It is water heaven for hiking, sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

You can also head to this water wonderland for a laid back escape from the bustling worldly life.

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