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5 Remodeling Tips to Remember When Selling Your Home


If you’re planning to sell within a year, you’ll likely want to make some cost effective changes to your home. These changes should be directed toward making your home more universally usable by anyone who views it. Neutrality is key, but you will want to make some updates to keep the house more current.

5 Replacements That Will Improve Your Home Value

1) Paint

Pull everything away from the walls, patch all the holes, and paint your home. If your carpet is in good shape, find a paint that will compliment it. If you need to update the carpet, try to find a wall color that looks good with both the carpet and the kitchen fixtures. While you’ve got things in the center of the room, be ready to pare down your possessions before putting things back in place. For example, pack away photos and collectibles that are deeply personal. Try to keep flat surfaces free of knick-knacks or pieces of art. You’ll need a spot for fresh flowers if you plan to stage your home.

2) Focus on Neutrals

Beige and off-white are good wall colors, as is an eggshell or flat finish to brighten the space. If trim is painted, touch up or repaint in a semi-gloss that matches the walls. Replace carpet with something durable and save any warranty documentation for the new buyers. In the kitchen, be ready to add items that are a bit more stylish. For example, update Formica countertops with a solid surface and replace cabinet hardware with a popular brush finish. If your kitchen sink is cast iron, be ready to update with a nice stainless or a solid surface undermount.

3) Add Some Stylish Touches

Even if you have a set decor that you enjoy, be ready to check out the latest and greatest features in new homes for sale in Beaumont Texas or your particular locale. Visit a few open houses and check out what’s new in bathroom fixtures and kitchen cabinetry.

It may be tempting to offer an allowance to a potential buyer for carpet or other features that you know need to be updated. However, while this decision may be simpler for you, it will cut into your bottom line. Today’s buyers generally want a move-in ready house. Those that are looking for DIY or repair projects will try to offer you much less for your home. Put yourself out of the reach of DIY buyers and buy new carpet.

Window treatments can really spice up a space. If you prefer plain blinds, you may need to swap them out for sheers or Roman shades, as both are popular right now.

4) Update the Simple Items

You can give the outside of your home a stylish facelift with an updated garage door. As you improve the space, work toward symmetry. For example, updating your garage doors with black metal trim will look great if you have a pop of a darker color, such as a deep olive green or a cadet blue in the painted trim of your home.

However, if the only dark color on the front of your home is that black metal trim, you may be sending the message that

  • You’re trying too hard
  • You’re in a hurry and desperate to sell, or
  • You’ve got something to hide.

Tiny house living, the anti-clutter trend and minimalism in general are contributing to simple home construction and renovations. Take care to keep your updates within the style of your home.

5) Promote Outdoor Living

If you’ve got the yard space, you can add a deck to your home, both to increase resale value and to enjoy outdoor living with your family. The promotion of outdoor living will make your home feel bigger and increase a feeling of expansiveness from inside the house. Be sure to incorporate some custom features to your deck, such as built in benches and planters. Incorporate solar lights into the landscaping so that when potential buyers drive by, they can see that your home is well-lit and secure no matter the time of day.

Selling your home isn’t ever easy, but by doing a bit of renovation beforehand you can walk away with a bigger payout. Do what you can to make your home move-in ready before showing it. Pack while you work so your move is easier when you do sell.

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