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5 Tips to Keep In Mind While Going On Weekend Off-Roading


If the off-roading bug has never bitten you, you should brace yourself for some exciting and adventurous time. And, you never know that you might become obsessed with the same. For many, off-roading is just an enjoyable past-time, while for some, it is a passion. The off-roading Jeep Association is a tightly-knit pack of enthusiasts who prefers getting dirty on the dusty trails. So, the equation is simple. If your Jeep Wrangler has no mud on it, then what off-roading have you experienced?

5 Tips to Keep In Mind While Going On Weekend Off-Roading

Well, apart from all these casual aspects, off-roading is a grand way to mingle with nature outside and create memories with fellow off-road Jeepers for time immemorial.

The article below comprises five tips that you should keep in mind while going on weekend off-roading. The recommended tips are useful titbits of off-roading facts that you should be aware of before venturing out on your initial trip in the wilds. Most of these trips have a map to guide you through the dusty trail. Get the know-how about the off-roading tactics by various online videos. You will become well versed on the same, and get to know the difference between the off-roaders’ category.

● Be rightly equipped

While off-roading, anything might happen on the trail. For the emergency, you should carry with you certain necessary items in case you get stuck. The recovery gear comprises first-aid kit (for possible wounds), bottled drinking water, and some snacks. Your vehicle should always have the emergency-kit consisting of an extra set of clothes, a strip of iodine pills to purify the drinking water, sleeping bag, and anything associated that you might require for your couple of nights camping.

● Traveling in groups helps always

Regardless of you being an expert off-roader, you should always travel in groups. While moving, they might be of great help if you get stuck or else experience a break-down on the trail. You will get more recovery gear with more people around. Especially for the newbie’s, if you have never explored any off-roading track, there are chances of you getting lost! Most roads are none other than acres of barren trails with a lot to explore. And, a wrong turn will land you up in a mess. During these off-roading days, many tend to make new friends, as most of the time you will be traveling in groups. If not, plan to get along with another individual who can act as your spotter and navigator. There will be no chance of you getting stuck in any problematic situation while off-roading.

● Slow and steady wins the race

While off-roading, your mantra should be to drive slow and steady. The entire concept of off-roading is not with who is the fastest to complete the whole trail. It is commonly known as ‘crawling’ amongst the off-roaders, especially when they have to man their Jeep Wrangler gently over the rocks and other obstacles. It prevents their vehicle from getting damaged, and also stands less harmful to their environment. So, while off-roading, you should drive down at ease. Be a cool-headed driver and drive down while enjoying the nature outside. Be vigilant, and enjoy the adventurous and ‘bouncy’ ride!

● Air well your jeep tires

One of the conventional off-roading techniques is letting the air out of a jeep’s tire. It aids in getting a better grip for your tires while driving on the trails. Airing-down the tires helps in increasing the contact size of the tire and along with the covering space with the unsteady terrain. It thus enhances traction. Most of the mud-terrain tires have sturdy side-walls that help in the prevention of sudden ruptures. It also strengthens the tires. After airing-down the casing, the side-walls increase the traction of the tire with the wobbly trail. It caters for a smooth drive and assists the tires in gripping the rocks tight. Also, with comparatively less air, the tires have fewer chances of getting stabbed by any sharp object, strewn on the road. Around 15psi is the safest to start your journey. Airing-down the tires reduces the jeep’s ground clearance. So, bring along an air compressor to re-inflate the tires before you hit the new road surface. These aired-down tires are beneficial for both off-roading on the wobbly trail, and also perfect to drive down-home.

● 4×4 wheel drive and Off-Road recovery-kit

Before you hit the off-roads, you should brace your knowledge over the four-wheel-drive settings. It sounds a bit complicated, but it is easy when you get a grip on the same. For loose terrains with slippery rocks, 4 High is just right, while 4 Low fits right for crawling-up the rocks and off-roading at a minimal speed. 4L is fit for the extreme off-roading tracks. While driving on these trails at a low rate, the vehicle’s torque should be high. You have to typically engage and disengage while driving at a limited speed of 5 to 10 mph. Off-roading during monsoons and winters owes to a lot of obstructions on the way, like snow and rain. The trails become impossibly slushy and full of dirt. 4H acts as the best bet to drive over these trails. So, while off-roading, you have been extra cautious of the typical weather-beaten road conditions while driving your beast at the right speed.

While planning for your next off-roading on the shaky terrains, be sure to carry your recovery-kit –

  • Several bottled water, energy drink-mix, and bars
  • A trowel
  • A thick cord
  • An air compressor
  • A Stepney or extra tire
  • Full petrol tank. (chances of getting a gas station is less while off-roading)
  • Covered shoes
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Compass or road map
  • First-aid box
  • Body-armor

Many have the notion that they have got the knowledge related to the off-roading terrains, along with the jeep settings, tire traction, differential technology, and associated modern advancements. These make your beast trail-ready. And these are the determining factor comprising of the adventure-filled weekend in the lap of nature. So, what is your notion of off-roading? Are you Interested? Heartiest welcome to the off-roading club!

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