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5 Tips to Survive Toxic People


Have you ever been in an environment where you simply feel like running away leaving your job and family behind? There comes times when every single moment feels like torture and the air around you seem to have venom in it. And it comes from someone in the room who is toxic. A toxic person who has somehow taken hold of the situation and you cannot help but have to listen to him/her. It may be your boss, some family member, or a bullying classmate.

5 Tips to Survive Toxic People

It is tough to sustain such people but you have to move ahead in life. If you have no option left but to deal with such people, deal with them smartly. Here are a few tips to deal with toxic people.

DO NOT REACT: Now this one is the first and toughest. The person with a lot of negativity feels happy about your reaction because he/she wants you to be like him/her. They are miserable in their own lives which leads to their abnormal behavior. No need to answer them or get into an argument with them. Arguments are the traps to get into your head and ruin your system. Once you keep talking to them in your head, you start emulating them unknowingly. Always remember that negativity and hatred are the most infectious viruses of them all.

Do not underplay in reaction. The toxic ones have a sad story of theirs to take your sympathy at first and if you are an emotional fool, you tend to make up a sad story of yours to appease them. That is again a big NO. These are traps to ruin your positive mindset. Just be detached and that is the best answer.

TRY TO SEE GOOD: No matter whom you are thinking about right now, the person has at least one good quality. Try to think about it. You become what you think. If a person is unavoidable in your life, just focus on a single good trait he/ she has and try to learn from it. Life is all about perspective. Sometimes, seeing good in people makes us see more good in that person.

Talking about the worst traits of any human being will initialize those traits in your mind too. Just see the good things and it will help you be calm and composed. Remember that your mental peace is more valuable than anything else.

BE DETACHED: When you go to a waterfall and look at it from a distance, it looks beautiful. But what will happen when you get inside the fall? This is the thing about life. Observe everything but without being involved. Be it toxic people or even the best person of your life, you must learn detachment. It is always easier said than done. To practice detachment, you need to practice mindfulness.

Various meditation techniques make practice mindfulness. These techniques can be learned through various online programs. You can search these programs and enroll in them. Many of them are free of cost and a few have minimal fees. You can walk on as many stones with a shoe protecting your feet, but you cannot walk on even a smooth road if a stone enters your shoe. Your soul is the one who protects you. Never let anyone harm your soul and your aura. Thanks to digital marketing it is easier to find meditation courses and techniques. If you want to learn digital marketing then search digital marketing course by google to know about free courses.

RISE ABOVE: The toxic ones have a small perimeter for their lives. They cannot see the bigger picture but you can. The big picture comes with time. Have patience and do not lose hope. Things do change for better if you can think of ways of being better. Do not let the toxic environment change your focus.

There are always opportunities around us. But if gets focus gets shifted we tend to see only the problems. You must learn to prioritize things. Be clear at every moment that what you are doing or talking about will help you in your bigger goal. You have to rise above what you already are and for that, you need to think from a larger perspective. If you find it tough, you must know nothing good comes easy.

HAVE PITY: Anger, hatred, and jealousy are the emotions that give pain to the bearer. If you have ever been angry, you must have noticed the discomfort your body has gone through. Compare it to the reaction of your body when you are happy. Being happy is your duty towards your soul. The toxic person is suffering from within. Pity them. Do not react to their negativity. S/he is the bigger sufferer because s/he is not in a good mental state.

The toxic people need someone to vent out their frustration. You are intelligent if you understand this fully and do not react to their attention-seeking behavior. You are made for bigger things in life and you must know that.

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