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7 Apps That Are Ready to Make Their Mark in 2022


Following the momentum set by the pandemic, the years 2021 and 2022 were presumed crucial for the digital world.

Apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams noticed a rapid growth in 2020. However, when the countries eased lockdown, there was an anticipated shift in digital patterns. The apps needed improvisation and newer outlooks to maintain their integrity.

Meanwhile, TikTok remained the most famous app worldwide for the second year, consecutively beyond corporative and educational space. Another one to dominate charts was Facebook, with 2.8 billion monthly active users.

7 Apps That Are Ready to Make Their Mark in 2022

As we have are entering the New Year, exploring what is in the store for the apps world is mandatory. Knowing which apps will stay atop the charts will allow us to follow the trends and stay active.

Let’s look at the apps expected to make their mark in 2022:

1. Google Home

Considering that you are staying home more than usual, you may find the time to work on the connected-home project. If you own a Google Home device, you may know how the digital assistant works.

The Google Home app allows you to control various smart home devices. It also works as a command central for a native Google-connected device and essential applications like the map, calendar, contacts, etc.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb connects hosts offering rental spaces to travelers who need a place to stay. Airbnb doesn’t own any listed properties and profits by receiving a commission on each booking.

It lets you chat with the host, receives updated information about your booking, and get the most information about the local housing setup. Given how most people are looking for surplus earning nowadays, you can turn your space into an Airbnb setup.
You will get the support and guidance needed to begin hosting. It is a great way to fund your dreams and begin someone’s next big adventure. AirG Reviews would tell you how the company goes the extra mile to keep users’ data private.

3. DuoLingo

Last year proved to be quite a fortunate one for DuoLingo. As most people were stuck indoors, they found it quite fascinating to learn a new language.

Duolingoturns language learning into a gaming experience. The users start with straightforward vocabulary, which later matures into sentence structuring. It also helps you to refine the language that you already know.

Apps like DuoLingo are worth being listed as a fantastic app that will make your life easier.

This app has helped many people to enhance their language development. The more a person uses the app, the better they become at the chosen language. Hence, in 2022, it will continue to rank atop the charts for its resourceful structure.

4. Amazon

The ecommerce industry will continue growing in 2022 as it did in the past year. Analysts anticipate the ecommerce sales in the US to grow upto 17.3% in 2022.

In fact, post-pandemic projections for Amazon revenue predict accelerated growth compared to the pre-pandemic trends.

Source: https://www.thestreet.com/amazon/ecommerce/what-to-expect-from-amazons-e-commerce-business-in-2022

Online sales are projected to grow more in 2022 as compared to 2021. The ecommerce, cloud, streaming, and advertising business makes Amazon a strong candidate to outperform in 2022.

A few things that the app does remarkably include:

  • The barcode scanning feature allows shoppers to scan a barcode, find that item on Amazon, and compare its prices on other forums.
  • A seamless returns process allows the users to pick products they wish to return and process them directly on the app. In some parts of the world, the customer can bring the item they want to return to the local retail partner. The partner then scans its QR code, receives the article, and takes care of the shipping.
  • Buy Now option enables the user to purchase with one click (after entering their credit card and address information).

5. Uber

Uber is the leading ride-sharing service application that currently connects 103 million riders to drivers in more than 70 countries across the globe.

Although it has many competitors today, Company continues to dominate the US market with 71% of the market share. They have a robust presence in most countries as it offers a superb experience.

A few things Uber does right are:

  • The seamless payment process gives an option to pay cash in parts of the world where credit cards are rarely used.
  • GPS integration with Google Maps allows the users to drop pins and gives them the option to tell their location to the drivers.
  • Price calculation to tell riders what they are paying to the driver. It is quite a helpful feature for the users.

6. Seesaw

Seesaw offers hundreds of resources for creating a thriving virtual learning environment. It allows you to showcase the students’ learning progress, improvement areas, and strengths for parents to examine and work on.

You can learn from anywhere, and it supports remote learning experiences.

Currently, Seesaw is used by 10 million learners, educators, and families every month by more than 75% of US schools. This e-learning application encourages creativity and feedback, inspiring a student to learn.

Today, e-learning solutions are essential to install. We are unaware of what COVID-19 has in store for us.

Source: https://www.spaceotechnologies.com/on-demand-app-ideas/

Having access to platforms like Seesaw is the need of the hour. All you need is to ensure that you check the credentials of each app.

7. Spotify

Spotify has become one of the most popular applications in the music domain. The developers are constantly upgrading their streaming quality and music-sharing features.

The app has an ad-free version with additional features for the subscribers.

A few outstanding elements of Spotify include the following:

  • Offline listening for the subscribers who don’t have an internet connection
  • Playlist for following and sharing
  • Customized playlists where the app algorithm prefers music according to your choice

Parting Thoughts

All of the apps listed above will surely rock the digital market in the following year. We must jump onto the bandwagon and install those that fit our lifestyle.

We hope you will keep following the trends and have the essential virtual armor to keep your head high in the digital landscape. Let us know which ones you choose!

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