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7 Gorgeous Places to Go Glamping This Summer in The U.S.


Camping is a great outdoor activity to help relax your mind and refresh away from the hassles and bustles of the city. Glamping allows you to access all the home amenities out in the wild, enjoying your summer holiday. Here are seven gorgeous places to go glamping this summer in the US.

7 Gorgeous Places to Go Glamping This Summer in The US

Glacier National Park

Glacier national park is a top destination for tourists. It offers a spectacular space and stunning views to give you a therapeutic nature experience. This location is stunning to a point where you cannot enjoy all it has to offer in a single trip. You can hike the trail of the cedar, hang out at the beach of lake Mc Donald, fish, kayak, swim, and enjoy the breath taking views of numerous locations within the park. Glacier National Park is an excellent place for glamping. It has several spacious tents where you can relax and make a home away from home. Some amenities include bathrooms with hot water, furniture, freshly laundered linen, and off-the-ground beds.

Minnewaska State Park Reserve

Are you looking for an excellent glamping site not far from New York City? Look no further. Minnewaska State Park Reserve is perfect for glamping enthusiasts on the quest for fun activities. It has various scenic trails where you can spend time hiking, admiring nature, and taking photos to create memories. You can also enjoy indulging in other activities such as swimming, rock climbing, biking, horse riding, and scuba diving. It has an excellent glamping site where you can refresh after spending your day out hiking or engaging in these activities.

Lake Taghkanic State Park

The Lake Taghkanic State Park offers an excellent location for glamping and getting your head out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Located within the rolling hills of Columbia County, this park has lots of fun activities such as kayaking, hiking, swimming, biking, and fishing. You can find beautiful Lake Taghkanic State Park camping and glamping spaces where you can enjoy the experience of a home away from home as you enjoy what the state park offers. Furthermore, you can easily access other exciting locations such as the Olana State Historic site and the Taconic State park from these glamping locations.

Grand Canyon

The magnificent Grand Canyon national park provides an exquisite glamping experience. You can spend your holiday and free up your mind with numerous activities and the breathtaking views of this geological phenomenon. The glamping sites on the south and northern rims are characterized by tents with king-size beds, ensuite bathrooms, and private decks. The glamping sites provide you a perfect space to relax after spending your day indulging in-park activities such as rim-to-rim hiking.


The North Carolina mountain escapes offer an excellent site for exploration. You can indulge in hiking, biking, scenic drives, and camping. For glamping enthusiasts, Asheville town provides a perfect glamping space. This mountain town is versatile enough to suit various glamping needs. You and your family can enjoy the king-sized beds, bathroom, kitchen, and a coffee bar to make your glamping experience worthwhile. In addition, Asheville town is within reach of various exciting locations such as the Pisgah National Forest and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Acadia National Park

Do you want to enjoy some of Maine’s exciting experiences? Acadia National Park can be an excellent destination for you. Located on Mount Desert Island, this glamping location provides a home-away-from-home experience. You can hike through the forest trails and enjoy the breathtaking views of the park’s lakes and ponds. The glamping sites will ensure comfort and relaxation as you enjoy a good night’s sleep in soft fabrics, pillows, and warm-down comforters at your convenience. Also, the glamping spaces have kitchens, eating areas, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Ozark National Park

Are you looking to enjoy a breathtaking summer vacation? Ozark National Park, Arkansas, is a place for you. This location has several activities to keep you entertained. You can indulge in fishing, kayaking, hiking, biking, and canoeing. It boasts the presence of the tallest mountain in Arkansas, Mount Magazine, the White Rock Mountain, and the Buffalo National River. It has numerous clean and family-friendly glamping sites. From these sites, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Ozark national forest, waterfalls, and hills.


Want to make your camping experience exciting? The best thing is that if you are not a fan of camping, you can likely find glamping sites within or near these parks. Glamping can help you achieve the home away from home experience while camping.

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