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7 Online Dealerships That Allow You To Purchase A Car Using Bitcoins


Wouldn’t it be awesome if the car of your dreams could be delivered to your front door?

Yeah, that sleek, luxurious one that you’ve been Googling for the past few months during the COVID-19 lockdown.

7 Online Dealerships That Allow You To Purchase A Car Using Bitcoins

You can stop pinching yourself because this isn’t a dream. Many online auto dealers are facilitating the entire car purchasing journey. With a couple of clicks and entering some necessary information, you can select, buy, and have your car delivered to your home.

Wait, there’s another option

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency trading has gained a great deal of traction. Moreover, the corona pandemic has left many not wanting to interact with physical cash. So the next best alternative is using crypto as a form of payment when purchasing property, automobiles, and whatnot.

And now, car dealers are allowing customers to pay with bitcoins, claiming that the process is faster and safer than ever. So why don’t you make the most of this opportunity? And before you know it, you could become the proud owner of your very own car.

Ready to buckle up and find those online dealers that are selling the car of your dreams as well as accepting bitcoin?

The following is a shortlist of just a few online auto dealerships that are using and accepting Bitcoin. There are several hundred more out there. However, it’s not possible to list them all. To make this task easier for you, we took the initiative to compile a lineup, in no particular order, of some of the best ones out there.

1. Tesla

Let’s begin with a name that is renowned for innovation and change. Tesla and Bitcoin have much in common. They represent society’s futuristic ideas by merging entrepreneurship with technology and utilizing the combination to resolve consumer issues.

This electric car manufacturer prefers to deal directly with customers by selling cars online. And ever since the company accepted its first Bitcoin transaction in 2013, it only plans to go forward. In fact, Elon Musk values Bitcoin as a tool for payments and sees a great deal of potential in it. So while Tesla works on transforming transportation and energy, Bitcoin is revolutionizing money and finance.

2. BMW

This top-of-line marque believes in excellence, performance, and innovation. It continues to pamper its customers. And as a leader in the auto industry, it sets a standard that other manufacturers aspire to model.

So it’s no wonder that BMW is offering its customers an alternative form of payment. Buying a BMW with Bitcoin is now a readily available option at many of its dealerships. The marque understands the importance of offering an easy solution for Bitcoin users to use their virtual currencies.

3. Cars.com

Launched in 1998, Cars.com boasts over two decades worth of services and solutions in the digital landscape. It offers a reliable platform for sellers and buyers to meet, interact, and make informed decisions about an automobile.

But above all, Cars.com is simplifying the entire car buying and selling process, allowing customers to seamlessly connect with car dealerships. Moreover, information is always accurate and up to date. However, with the option of buying cars with Bitcoin, consumers can make transactions more quickly and efficiently.

4. Redline Specialist Cars

Automobile dealerships know that they will need to develop solutions that embrace emerging trends and technologies. All operations will need to be more efficient, accessible, faster, and easier. And the ideal way to do that is to align services with consumer demands. So for auto dealers, the car buying process will need to connect with digital experiences, whether that means browsing, researching, selling, or purchasing vehicles.

With Redline Specialist Car dealers, you can find fabulous luxury cars that are carefully inspected to ensure that they meet all safety standards. For consumers, this translates to a smooth and hassle-free online buying experience. And now they are taking this ideology a step further. You can buy Redline cars with Bitcoin and avail the same great deals from the comforts of your home.

5. Classic Recreations

You want exclusivity. With Classic Recreations, you need search no further. Based out of Yukon, Oklahoma, the company has authorization from Ford Motors and Shelby American to restore and build continuation cars.

It has been modifying and custom fabricating Mustangs for decades. So if you are in search of a high-performance vehicle with a personalized design, this is where you need to look. But Classic Creations aims at expanding its client base globally. To make payments faster and safer, it is now accepting payments in Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies.

6. Post Oak Motor Cars

You want to interact with only the best dealers and buy only the best cars on the market. Can it get better than buying a Rolls Royce, Bentley, or a Bugatti? This is where you’ll find yourself if you decide to buy a car from Post Oak Motor Cars, Texas.

The retailer wants to extend its services and reach customers well outside of Texas. And partnering with crypto payment services such as BitPay is allowing the dealership to do that and more.

Accepting Bitcoin offers more convenient and secure transactions at lower costs to customers worldwide. Often funds are available almost as soon as the payment is made, reducing the risk of card fraud and chargebacks.

7. Bitcar

Looking for collectable, exotic cars? Bitcar has impressive vehicles that are hard to ignore. But what makes them unique is that they have a dedicated team that works hard to make sure that you have an exceptional car-buying experience.

More importantly, they are adopting services that coincide with the rapidly changing automobile market. Everything is online these days. So it’s no surprise that BitCar provides a safe platform where users can trade or buy cars with crypto. In fact, it claims to be the world’s first crypto-only automobile dealership that offers supercars and oldtimer classics.

Final thoughts

As blockchain and crypto are slowly and steadily making a comfortable niche in our lives, future processes will be centered around them. What’s more, times like the corona pandemic are teaching us that it’s time to transfer all services onto the digital landscape.

But by now, you must surely have found the car of your dreams—time to click, confirm, and purchase.
Happy driving!


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