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Backpacking & Budget Travel Guide for Australia


Australia is the sanctum sanctorum for all the backpackers around the world. It has the most exotic and awe-inspiring places where travel enthusiasts can have all types of experiences from camping, hiking, and diving to road trip through deserts.

The place enchants with its glorious past and contemporary splendour. But, travelling to Australia is not as easy as it seems. Anyone planning their holidays here must know the right places that can save a lot of time and money. Here is a travel guide made by a travel and tourism management assignment help expert to take care of that.

Backpacking & Budget Travel Guide for Australia

The Land of the Long Weekend

The Australian mainland is the epitome of natural beauty and grace. The diversity it offers is matched by very fewer holiday destinations in the world. The span of Australia’s Arcadian feel could be experienced from Uluru to outback, sweet rain forests to salty sandy beaches notwithstanding the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney’s harbour bridge serves as a wonder of contemporary architecture. The pedestal of man-made wonder is shared by the opera house too.

Australia has become the most sought after travel destinations in the last decade. It is no wonder that people want to explore the wealth that nature has to offer here.

However, the territorial expanse of the continent is vast and offers fewer options for transportation in some areas or if it is available, the prices are way beyond expensive.

So, whosoever is planning to unravel the mysteries of the lucky land, he will need an extensive tour guide to save time and cut-off expenses significantly.

Trotting the land of the Kangaroos: Expensive or not?


Accommodation in Australian ranges from 15 AUD to 200 AUD, but that depends entirely on the location and services. Here is a table to get an insight:-

Type PriceServices
Hostel dorm room15-20 AUD per night
40 AUD per night for coastal cities
Sharing room, bathroom, etc
Private room in hostel80-100 AUD or 60-75 USD per nightDouble bed, shared bathroom
Budget hotels- double room75-95 AUD/55-70 USD per nightprivate bathroom, TV, and breakfast
Chain hotels200 AUD or 150 USDEverything private
Camping15-30 AUD or 10-20 USD per nightIt is the cheapest option with your tent. It can get slightly expensive if a resident vehicle is parked


Food is more expensive than accommodation. A simple restaurant would charge around 20 AUD or 15 USD for a breakfast meal. Sometimes, people travelling to Australia do not anticipate this and they think they have overspent on that holiday. This creates ruckus in their balance sheets.

Even if a couple is cooking for themselves, the cost of a week’s groceries likes, chicken, cheese, vegetables, pasta, fruits, etc. can go up to 110 AUD or 80 USD. It is a feasible option if its cost is compared to the sandwiches offered by taking away eateries for 8 to 10 AUD or 6-7 USD.

If a combo meal of burger, fries, and soft drink is taken from a fast food joint, it would cost around 15 AUD or 10 USED. So, travellers spend more and eat less. A filling and a satisfying meal at reasonable costs can be found at Asian and Indian restaurants. They offer at affordable prices starting from 10 AUD or 7 USD.

Tours and Expeditions

Fun activities, tours, and expeditions are going to burn a hole in the pocket. Planned expeditions and tours with guides are often arranged in groups which can around 400 to 500 AUD or 295 to 400 USD. A single day tour to destinations can cost about 140 to 240 AUD or 120-1780 USD.

For example, if a trip to the Great Barrier Reef is planned, it can cost around 200 to 240 AUD or 180 USD for a decent ferry. A day’s tour of the wine region will be charged at 160-210 AUD or 120 to 160 USD.

A decent sailing trip for two nights and two days to Whitsunday Islands is going to cost 600 AUD or 400 USD. Walking tours with guides in groups can cost 60 AUD or 35 USD.

Some super-saving trips!!

  • Telstra and Vodafone offer to call packages at relatively cheap rates. However, Telstra has a wider range and coverage within the country. A phone can come handy if stuck somewhere.
  • Goon or Box Wine would cost 13 AUD for four litres as against a single drink that can cost 8 AUD at a bar. It gives a slight zing. It can be taken before going out to save spending on drinks.
  • As the food is quite expensive, the best alternative would be to cook whenever possible. One can find groceries at cheapest rates in supermarkets like ALDI, Coles, and Woolworths. However, some cities have only a few markets like that as per a travel and tourism experts.
  • Sharing a ride would cut great costs. A campervan or car could be rented if travelling in a group. Maintenance and expenditure on gas could be split. Several services like Jayride and Gumtree facilitate the options.
  • Save money on data by using free wifi available at public places like Mcdonald’s, public libraries, etc. the speed is slow and spending money on the internet will pain a lot.
  • Free access to accommodation can be acquired by exchanging the rent with few hours of work at the dwelling place. This can be done through the WWOOF program. One can have free lodging and boarding by working on organic farms.

So, lodging and boarding take up most of the budget. A lot of money can be saved by planning the trip based on these tips.

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