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Best SEO Strategies to Help Your Website Rank Better in SERP


Are you struggling with ranking your website better in SERP? If your answer is yes then don’t worry because most of us do. You are wondering why? As time has evolved every day Google is evolving too. The strategies, implementation, planning, and every other role of a Digital marketer all have to be updated now and then.

When Google evolved it made better searches, solutions to queries and gave productive results which in turn generated revenues for Google. These revenues may be good for Google but not for the digital marketers as the processes are getting leveled up. So how should Digital Marketers match them? The answer is to level up their game too.

Best SEO Strategies to Help Your Website Rank Better in SERP

What techniques can be followed by a digital marketer to reach that point which Google demands? Here are the best of the techniques that will rank your website much better in SERP.

Start with glitches

If you want to reach that level you need to know what to improve. While identifying what features we need to improve we need to understand where we stand right now. If you come to at White Label Digital Marketing Agency & know that where you are standing right now you will understand the main glitches of the website.

Analyze your website more and more with every analytical tool you can use starting from Google analytics, Google trends, keyword rank checker, and various others. All these tools will help you out to find the gaps. But for finding the gaps you must have a good eye to observe in the words in between the figures.

User experience

While we all know that user experience is the most important thing that attracts traffic, we need to work upon the point of view from what Google wants. So what do you think Google wants from your website? According to Google the best user experience is when your website quality is at 100%.

How are your website quality could be a hundred percent? Starting from working upon the page loading speed to bounce rate to clearing the clutter to updated content is everything that Google expects. Even when it is not clearly stated by Google all these techniques will get you better rankings.

Mobile friendly

Do you even have one friend that does not search on mobile? You can’t answer this question because there is none. And hence it truly is that the website should be mobile friendly because each person uses Google on their mobile phones. Nowadays the use of mobile-friendly sites has been even promoted by Google although we can’t see the clear factors than the ranking states it.

For example, when we are writing for a law marketing firm there could be too much information but how do you make it mobile friendly is your choice. Also, you may do an SEO for attorneys but then again you are filled with a whole lot of information that needs to be optimized for mobiles. It is up to your discretion to give quality and quantity.

Long content

it may sound surprising but long content is given an advantage over the short content. Now, why is it preferred as in who wants to read long content? Yes you are right no one wants to read long content and no one wants to waste the time but then again if you find quality content then nothing is better.

With every line you read from the content you want to move forward to the next line and read about it, that’s what makes the long content fruitful. If you can deliver this kind of service then long content is not long anymore.

For example, a law marketing firm has loads of information but the way it engages people is a differentiating factor. Every website must learn it to get better rankings in SERP.


Although there are a bunch of White Label SEO Services for Agencies & techniques to follow it all depends on how you do it. There could be many other companies or websites who are competing with you but if you can complete all the steps mentioned above then an even a law firm is no big deal to crack. I wish you all the luck that prevails!


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