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Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Blogging tips and tricks are very useful for beginners because they make it easier for them to become professional bloggers. These tips include writing a good blog post title, creating a clickable table of contents, creating a call-to-action, and avoiding plagiarism. The power of blogging lies in the relationship with readers and is not about getting traffic.

Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Writing a good blog post title

Writing a good blog post title is essential if you want to get organic traffic and boost CTR. According to a study by Orbit Media, bloggers who spend time workshopping their titles get better results. In addition, the right title can increase shares and clicks. Here are some tips to help you come up with a compelling blog post title.

Firstly, the title must describe the content of your blog post. It should describe what your post is all about and how it can solve your reader’s problem. It should be short and to the point. It should not make grand claims. Instead, it should deliver on what is promised in the content.

It is important to remember that the title determines whether your blog post is a success or a failure. It should make readers want to read it. It should also make your readers curious about it. This is an important way to encourage readers to read your blog posts. It will also encourage them to subscribe to your blog.

Creating a clickable table of contents

Creating a clickable table of contents is a simple process that requires the use of HTML. The first step is to create an anchor tag for your table of contents. This anchor tag will direct your readers to the appropriate page within your document. You should include descriptive text when making the hyperlinks in your table of contents.

Next, you can insert a border around your TOC using the Shapes feature. The fill value can be set to “No Fill.” You can also make the border appear next to the list of items in the TOC. You can also customize the table of contents by using the options dialog. You can map different styles to different levels of the table of contents.

To add a link in your Table of Contents, click on the title of the heading you want to add. Once you do so, a list of suggested hyperlinks will appear. If you don’t have similar headings, you can search for these using the “headings and bookmarks” feature.

Creating a call-to-action

There are several elements to consider when creating a call-to-action. First, make sure the button is easy to spot. If it is too small, it may not be noticed by visitors. The next thing to consider is the visual hierarchy of the page. If the button is scattered all over the page, it will not stand out and may end up being mistaken for a simple image. Moreover, it should be relevant to the content of the page. In addition, every element on the page should lead the visitor to the CTA button. Color is also an important element when it comes to making call-to-action buttons visible.

When creating a call-to-action, it is essential to emphasize the benefits of taking the desired action. You can do this by testing different colors, fonts, and position. A call-to-action can be a powerful marketing tool and can boost sales and engagement. There are several types of call-to-action.

Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism in blog writing is a major issue today. Not only does it break the law, but it is also a violation of copyright. Plagiarism is when someone takes another’s content and then republishes it on their own blog. This is bad for any blogger, whether they are a professional or a beginner.

Bloggers should avoid plagiarism by employing common strategies to make their work original. One of these is the use of plagiarism checkers. These tools let you paste information or text files and use their algorithm to detect copied lines. They also highlight sources and copied sentences. Using a plagiarism checker is one of the easiest ways to ensure original content.

Plagiarism in blog posts is not only illegal, but it can also harm your blog in the long run. Not only does it damage your blog’s ranking on search engines, it can also compromise your credibility as a writer.

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