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Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer If We Agree on Everything?


In most cases, when it comes to divorce, people do seems to not recover from the heat of an argument and agree to have it in a single word of decision but it can’t take place just by word and require legal process and you need to resolve your personal issues first for which you can take aid from experts and can be in touch of Family law attorney Houston to settle them through legal options arranged.

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer If We Agree on Everything

In case you have taken the final decision to have divorced, then for that, you may require the legal process to go on and you can consider a divorce attorney Houston to settle it properly and gain entire cover for its actual procedure to file a divorce.

In case you feel that you have done everything and there is no need to consider a lawyer, then there are a few things to consider first and they may possibly include:

  • Agreement on financial statements
  • Your statement to proceed
  • The permission to separate
  • A final process from the court which a lawyer can only help to

and these are a few things you need to consider which may be better left to the lawyer and even if you agree to everything, you better consider taking legal aid from experts.

Legal orders are required

You have to understand first that divorce is not going to happen until the legal process has been prepared as there are a lot of legal orders which have to be subjected to, and without it, the process may not move forward.

For that to happen your agreement is not going to be working enough and it is better to presume to have help from a lawyer or an attorney who can fit for the process to go in and make sure that your entire process is covered.

Court proceedings dictate terms

The other thing is that for divorce to agree upon requires court proceedings, filing of papers, and also observing by the court that the divorce is truly acceptable to both parties which may not be happening just only on your agreement on everything and would ask for legal terms.

You have to present yourself at court for which you need a lawyer to look into the matter and fix things by actual court proceedings so your case can be perfectly looked at.

Divorce is always technical

You must also be reminded by experts that divorce is a technical process that takes place at court with help of a lawyer where financial bills are required to prove previous terms, custody procedure would also go in if you are parents and for all that to actually happen e, it can’t take place just by your agreement to do it and not inform the court about it.

If you decide to separate as a couple and take individual decisions, even for that you have to update the court.

Need of lawyer for out of court settlement

Lastly, even if you have agreed to go for an out of court settlement, which is the only option to do so by agreeing to everything, it may also need the signature of both parties and the aid of a lawyer to settle it and inform the court about the process you have taken as a personal decision. To make it possible, you have to file documents that state your out-of-court settlement in relation to divorce and to make it realistic, you may need a lawyer who can help you out and fix the legal terms for such settlement to grant you divorce and make the final seal fit.


Matters may be a bit complicated when it comes to divorce and it doesn’t settle just by agreeing to it and not having a court process thus you need to resolve your family issues first for which you can consider A family law attorney Houston to settle them perfectly.

However, if you wish to proceed for divorce and the problems are too much to handle, then you can be advised by the help of Divorce attorney Houston to get perfect aid and proceed well for its entire legal process at court…

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