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Essentials of Renting an Apartment in the UAE


Dubai houses numerous residential developments that are suitable for those looking for a rental space. Among different types of properties for rent in Dubai, locals and expatriates both prefer apartments as they are relatively easy on budget and come with different amenities and facilities.

Essentials of Renting an Apartment in the UAE

The process to find an apartment for rent may seem easy on paper. However, it includes numerous complications and complexities. Particularly, if you are an expat, things can be more tough for you. In this post, we have put together a brief guide for you to make the renting process easier for you:

Consider your Budget First

If you are looking for an apartment, you should stay within your budget. See that you rent an apartment within your monetary range. Dubai is expensive, so is the real-estate business. You are required to pay additional fees including deposit, real estate agent fee, internet, and utilities. Make sure that all the landlord is responsible for all the maintenance work. If the tenant is responsible, you should know about the potential maintenance costs.

The Apartment’s Condition

You must pay attention to the condition of the apartment before renting it out. See that you take notes during the inspection and inform the areas that need attention or repair. Check the faucets, locks, and any water damage. See the windows and doors as well. If there are any damages, make sure that all the repair and damages have been taken care of before you move into the apartment. These have to be mentioned in the contract.

Utility Costs

Different buildings and conditions have different utility costs. Also, compare the utility costs when you are viewing rental properties. Ask your real estate agent about it.

Amenities & Facilities

Pay attention to the featured facilities. For example, is there a designated parking area for the tenant? If yes, are they assigned to each of the tenants or on a first-come, first-serve basis?

Lease Agreement

Make sure that you thoroughly read the contract before you sign the lease agreement. The contract must state the contract term, amenities, listed costs, the maintenance responsibilities the tenant is responsible for, and payment method. You must have a clear understanding of the entire contract. Ask questions and inquire about things you are not too clear about from your real estate agent before signing.

Rent Terms

It is important to know about rent terms before signing on the dotted lines. According to the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the landlords are liable to provide a 90-day notice about any revisions to the rent contract, including the termination as well as the rent increase.

When a landlord requests to increase the rental amount, the tenants should document it. Also, the tenants are legally allowed to refuse the increment in the rental amount, if the landlord has failed to provide a 90-days’ notice. Review the contract thoroughly and ensure that no additional changes were made in the contract.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Before you proceed with the viewing, do your due diligence with regards to your real estate agent’s credibility. See that they are RERA certified and are practicing legally in Dubai. Do not get scammed by freelance agents who are illegal practitioners of real estate in Dubai.

Talk to the Neighbors

Talk to the neighbors. You can get the most valuable feedback from the current residents of the building. Ask about their experience, inquire about the security of the building, etc.

Additional Rental Costs

You have to pay the rental security deposit and the real estate agent’s commission upon signing the agreement. This is usually 5% of the annual rental amount. You will get your security back when the rental contract completes.

Ejari Registration

Make sure to get Ejari registration for your rental contract. Ejari is an integral component of renting apartments in Dubai. The word Ejari means my rent in Arabic. It is an online registration system started by RERA. This system requires all the Dubai rental or lease contracts to be recorded in a web portal.

According to the law, all the rental contracts for Dubai properties have to be registered online using the Ejari portal. It is one of the latest systems that has been designed to protect both the tenants and landlords in the city. All private rental contracts in Dubai have to be drafted into a legally binding document as per the government approved format.

Keep these things in mind and expect to have a smooth experience from signing the rental agreement to moving to the rental apartment.


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