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Five Reasons to Make You Settle in Canada


Canada is a popular ex-pat destination. Currently, close to 700,000 Brits call Canada home. The country boasts diversity and multiculturalism. People from different countries choose to settle in Canada due to the safety and security it gives its citizens and visitors, making it one of the happiest nations.

Five Reasons to Make You Settle in Canada

Thousands of people from different countries and cultures move to Canada in search of quality education, opportunity to earn while learning, unique culinary culture, aesthetic beauty, and a stable economy.

Quality Education

Despite one’s background, Canada ensures that everyone gets an equal opportunity to quality education. The Canadian government spends more funds on education than any other country. Consequently, Canadian students score better grades than most developed countries. In turn, Canadian education molds well-informed students, preparing them for great career opportunities. Study in Canada and receive a degree that acts as a mark of excellence and trust.

In 2019, 27 Canadian Universities were recognized for academic excellence by the World University Rankings. The fact that Canadian education strongly focuses on research and development makes the country’s education unique.

If you’re a research student or hope to pursue courses within technology, medicine, agriculture, telecommunication, and environmental science, there is no country better than Canada in research and development education. Compared to universities in the UK and US, the Canadian tuition fee is fairly cheaper. Indian students can apply to many scholarships to cut down on educational expenses.

Earn as you Learn

Canada gives international students the chance to work while studying to meet your expenses and gain valuable work experience. You have a range of job opportunities working both on and off-campus that offer good remuneration. If working on campus, you can work for 20 hours weekly during normal academic sessions.

On semester breaks, you can work full time, awaiting the commencement of a new semester. Some courses will require you to gain work experience before graduating, and Canada ensures that you can access any work opportunity while studying without an additional work permit. Your study permit is adequate to help you find a job as you study.

Unique Culinary Culture

Besides inventing the Hawaiian pizza, a sophisticated Canadian gastronomical experience awaits you. Due to Canada being a multicultural melting pot, you can find your country’s cuisine in a restaurant in the streets of Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver. The big cities are lined with modern international restaurants offering world-class, fine dining in a laid-back Canadian style.

When in Canadian cities, feel free to sample a wide variety of international cuisines from Vietnamese, Thai, Lebanese, and Iranian. Most restaurants offer Poutine, the national dish that is a delicious combination of fries, gravy, and squeaky curds, loved across the country.

Aesthetic Beauty

Sitting on 10 million square kilometers, Canada ranks as the second-largest country worldwide and one of the most beautiful. From sparkling Canadian lakes, arctic ice tundra, vast woodland, green countryside, and snow sprinkled mountain peak, the country is a breathtaking destination. Canada has many fun activities to experience, such as bird watching, hiking, skiing, and kayaking around an unmatched wilderness.

For a unique experience, try swimming with a polar bear or sleep in an ice hotel. Recently, Toronto and Vancouver were ranked among the most beautiful cities worldwide, full of charming and unique neighborhoods and friendly locals. The ranking noted that multiculturalism within these cities brings in a unique flavor to Canada.

Stable Economy

The strong foundation of Canadian natural wealth makes its economy stable. Large incomes from gold, uranium, iron ore, copper, and the oil and gas industry contribute to Canada’s impressive GDP. The fertile countryside is ideal for farming, allowing Canada to receive revenue from wheat and cereal export. The country’s natural beauty attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe to catch the Northern Lights’ rare glimpse, see the elk, and watch the whales.

With more than 250,000 immigrants from different countries settling in the country each year, it’s clear that Canada is an idyllic destination for any student or potential ex-pat. If you’re planning to move to Canada soon, look for a trusted recruiting firm to help you with the application process. Go for a licensed recruiting firm and ask for the name and license number of the firm’s authorized immigration representative for verification.


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