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How to Look for the GPS Fleet Tracking System for Your Fleet Business


It used to be that you’d just have to hand over the keys when you hired new fleet drivers, and hope for the best. Likewise, in ratty notebooks crammed in glove boxes, electronic driver records were stored and vehicle servicing was often only thought of after problems arose.

How to look for the GPS Fleet Tracking System for Your fleet Business

With today’s GPS Fleet Tracking Systems, managing a fleet of drivers and the equipment that they are using is much easier. Yet, on the market, there are many options. How do you know which will be the right thing for your business? There are a number of factors to consider but our buying guide for our GPS fleet tracking system will help you make sense of your choices.

For your car, there are a large number of vehicle fleet management software options available, and each has its own specific set of features. If you’re looking for something very simple that will only tell you where your drivers and equipment are at any given time, there’ll be a myriad of options to do so. Similarly, eLog-compliant implementations are easy to come by. But why not get the most out of your investment with advanced features to help more efficiently run your business?


Did you know that your drivers have one in fifteen chances of engaging in a crash each year? The average accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20 per cent, with some sectors going higher, according to Automotive Fleet Magazine.

One major bonus for your company is a system that helps drivers get safer on the road called KENT CamEye, a vehicle safety app. A lot of trackers will detect dangerous activities like, speed and hard braking. But disclosing this activity to drivers is far less efficient than real-time coaching at the end of their shift or the end of the workweek.

Set-Up Costs and Installation:

One big consideration is how hard or expensive the GPS system will be to implement. Many solutions offer a plug-and-play configuration, while others require advanced installation to communicate with a variety of sensors inside your vehicles. This can mean the difference between getting your equipment out of operation for a few hours each while the trackers are mounted, and quickly and easily set up.

Besides the equipment inside your cars, you will need to test the program you’ll be using to run it

App based Accessibility:

Are you looking for something that just reports while you’re at home? Or need to be able to access data via a mobile phone in real time?

Make sure to look for a solution that provides app-based data that you can access through a phone or tablet if you want to be able to do the two.

The best option is to give drivers the ability to see exactly what they’re tracking. An ideal solution for drivers will be providing both a dashboard and management. It helps them to see exactly what they are monitoring for. And it helps them to learn, on a daily basis, from their own results.

Choosing a GPS tracking solution is a big decision for your fleet. It’s important to ensure you’ve done your homework and understand exactly what’s available and how it’s going to fit into your daily operations. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be on the right track towards increased safety, productivity and efficiency.

KENT CamEye as mentioned above is one perfect choice for any business as it is an advanced vehicle safety system, which simplifies your life by ensuring the safety of both the vehicle and the passengers.

KENT CamEye uses artificial intelligence to send smart alerts, which act as a strong deterrent against vehicle misuse. This offers warnings about over-speed, engine idling, and geo-fencing. The unit is embedded with incredible sensors that sense the limit set violation for any of the above-listed circumstances.

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