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How to Look More Professional When Using Personalized Letters


Communication is at the center of human life. It helps build and maintain various relationships, from personal to professional relationships. Sending letters is one of the communication modes that has been in existence for ages. With the onset of technology, emails have made sending letters quick and easy. In addition, there are some instances where sending physical letters becomes a necessity. Personalized letters help in showing commitment and dedication. Here are tips on how to look more professional when using personalized letters.

How to Look More Professional When Using Personalized Letters

Use A Business Letter Format

When communicating with other businesses or entrepreneurs, it is essential to use the structure of a business letter. It helps you display professionalism and present your message in a classic, polished style. A business letter format has the following items;


Here, you include your address, the date, and the recipient’s name, company, and address.


Here, you address the recipient as “Dear” and their title and last name. The end of the salutation is a semicolon.


Here, you introduce yourself and the topic. Then go into details about your subject throughout the paragraphs.


The closing helps build a rapport with your recipient. Here you use a more appropriate and professional phrase such as “Yours truly,” among others. You can also make it more personal with a phrase such as “Best regards.”


Here, you write your name, job title, company name, and sign your name.

A business letter format does not confine you to the formality. To make it more personal, you can add a friendly tone concisely and straightforwardly.

Use A Professional Tone

Just as a tone affects your listener when talking, it also affects your recipient while reading your letter. While writing a business letter, pay attention to your tone since it can have costly consequences if you do not use the appropriate tone. Your tone should be friendly but more professional. A tone helps you connect with your reader, make them engage more with your content and also trigger some intended emotions, such as deciding to purchase your products. While determining the tone to use in your personalized letter, ask yourself questions such as, who am I writing to? And what is the purpose of my content? These questions will help you understand your recipient and determine the appropriate tone to trigger an emotion. In addition, understanding the intention of your letter will help you choose the tone that will serve the purpose appropriately.

Have A Logical Organization of Your Information

Despite using the appropriate format and tone, your message will have little or no impact if your reader has to double back to get a sense of what you are communicating. Organizing your information logically helps make it easy for the reader to absorb the message. Your letter will have more impact if it is possible for the recipient to have a quick scan and understand the message. One way you can organize your information is to group related information in paragraphs or sections with subheadings. You can highlight the keywords to add emphasis and make them more visible with a personalized letter.

Avoid Too Much Familiarity

While writing a professional letter, keeping a distance between you and your recipient is essential. In some cases, you might have contrasting backgrounds, social statuses, and perceptions of what to consider appropriate. The fact that you should maintain a friendly tone in a professional letter creates confusion. Many tend to become too formal in their writing instead of making their communication clear and concise. To help you with this issue, consider using an active voice and relaxing the grammar. Infusing your letter with a personal touch will help you achieve a balance of friendly and professional communication.

Maintain Simplicity

A personalized letter might trigger you to add more items and printed stationery to make it appealing. Remember, too much of something is harmful. Therefore, it is essential to keep your letter as simple as possible. Avoid the use of advanced technical jargon and overly advanced vocabulary. Complex items in a letter become a turn-off to the reader, and they might not read your letter. In addition to simplicity, you should also avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. It does not matter how well you have structured your letter. Spelling and grammar mistakes might be costly. Take your time to proofread your letter to ensure it is clear, concise, and with impeccable grammar.


A personalized letter helps you create a special rapport with the recipient. It is therefore essential to maintain professionalism, especially with business letters. These tips will help you achieve this professionalism when implemented effectively.


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