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How to Prepare Your Household for a New Dog


If you and your family have decided or are deciding to get a dog, you’re likely excited and eager to bring your furry friend home for the first time. Of course, this will take some adjusting for you, your loved ones, and the dog, especially if you’re getting a puppy.

How to Prepare Your Household for a New Dog

Here are a few practical things to keep in mind to make your home more comfortable for your new pet.

● Prepare Your Home For Your New Puppy

You’ll need to puppy-proof your home to keep your belongings intact while making sure your dog is safe. A guard at the bottom of your staircase will keep your pup from going upstairs with your supervision. Keep electrical cords out of your dog’s reach and make sure your shoes are on the highest shelf possible to keep your puppy from tearing them apart. It’s also important to keep all medications out of reach so your pet can’t get to them. It’s also a good idea to get dog insurance so your pet will have the coverage they need in case they need specific medical treatments.

● Gather All Your Supplies

Get a crate for your dog so your pet will have a safe place in the home to sleep. The crate also comes in handy when you need to leave home for short periods of time. Crates are also great for housebreaking since your dog won’t relieve himself in the crate unless you’re not there to take him outside. Be sure the crate is large enough for your dog to stand and turn around so your pet will be comfortable.

Be sure to get a leash and collar before bringing your dog home. Most dogs love going for walks, and you need to be able to control your pet and keep them from going into traffic or approaching other people during your walk. The leash is also useful for teaching your dog certain commands. You can take the dog off the leash once you’re in a safe area. A collar with your dog’s name and your contact information. This makes it easier for your pet to be returned to you if your dog ever gets lost.

● Buy Water and Food

Typically, puppies should be fed at least twice a day. Talk to your vet about your puppy’s diet and how you should feed your pet as they grow. If you’re getting a dog with food allergies or want to manage your pet’s weight, it’s important to get food that meets your pet’s dietary needs. Be sure to get lots of healthy snacks and water for your pet to enjoy as well. It’s important that your dog stays hydrated and has nutritious snacks in between meals for energy, a healthy coat, and a lower risk of disease.

● Have a Doggie Bed

Whether or not you have a crate for your dog, you’ll need to provide a dog bed for your pet. You may have to train your dog to sleep in the bed and this could take a few weeks. There are several dog bed styles to choose from, and you can even find beds that look like human beds to make sure your pet is cozy and comfortable.

● Buy Grooming Supplies

Make sure you have all you need to keep your pup looking their best. You’ll need different supplies depending on whether you have a long-hair or short-hair breed. Find the right combs and brushes, as well as dog shampoo, nail clippers, and toothpaste to make sure your pet’s hygiene stays intact.

Even though you’re thrilled about having a net dog, it’s best to start the transition slowly. If you can have the dog in your home for hours a day before having the pet stay at your home permanently, this will give your puppy time to explore their new surroundings. Introduce the dog to one family member at a time and show your pup where they will be sleeping, playing, and eating. Introduce your new furry family member to their toys as well, and shower them with lots of love to make the transition a pleasant one for everyone.

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