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How to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings?


Canon printers are known for their speed and print quality. Home users often prefer Canon printers because of their large range and size. Canon printers have a very simple interface and are very easy to access. Like other printer brands, Canon models can freeze or cause frequent use problems. Most Canon printer errors can be resolved by resetting.

How to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings

Let’s see how to reset canon printer.

Canon Printer: Power Reset

Before proceeding with the hard reset, you must first reset the power supply to resolve the temporary communication problem. Turn off the printer, unplug the Ethernet cable, and completely disconnect the printer. Wait a moment, and then plug the printer into an electrical outlet to rule out the offending power supply as a functional problem. Also, resend the Ethernet cable and run the test document on the printer to see if the problem is resolved. In most cases, the printer repairs the power reset. It also clears the printer queue so you can start over. In order to avoid overloading the printer, print one document at a time.

The ink cartridge resets

If you want to know how to reset canon printer, you may need to reset the print cartridge. Before buying a new cartridge, check the ink level of the old ink cartridge. Incorrect data may appear on the ink level indicator. If the printer is not used for a long time, the ink in the cartridge dries out. Use a solvent instead of buying a new cartridge. Remove the cartridge and open the container lid. Add a few solvent drops to the reservoir and mix well. Then close the cover and carefully reinstall the cartridge inside the printer. However, if the ink level is low, buy a new cartridge or refill ink.

If you need high-quality printing, always get an original cartridge for your printer. Third-party cartridges can damage parts of the printer. If you encounter an error, use the Canon Printer Reset Tool to resolve the error. You can reset the Canon printer to factory defaults by following the steps provided.

  • Turn on the printer
  • Go to the menu
  • You can get the commands on the screen.
  • Follow the screen assistant.
  • Then click Device Settings.
  • Press the OK button
  • Select the Reset settings option
  • Press the OK button

Now you have to connect the printer to your PC and see if the printer resets or resets on time. Some users have trouble resetting the printer this way. If you cannot resolve the Canon printer reset error, seek help from the Canon printer technical team.

Hard reset

Persistent Canon printer errors require a hard reset. The process is straightforward and returns the printer to factory settings. Find and hold the Stop button until the printer alarm sequence begins. Release the button 19 times when the alarm flashes to return to factory settings. It also removes your custom network settings. Uninstall the printer from your computer network, reinstall it, and restart. Now your canon printer will work as a newly installed printer with original settings.

What if I cannot reset the printer to factory default settings?
If you cannot reset the printer using the previous method, use the procedure provided to reset the Canon printer.

  • Turn off the Canon printer.
  • Press the on/off button with the stop button
  • Wait approx. 10 seconds
  • Release the stop button
  • Press the Canon printer shutdown button twice.
  • Wait approx. 30 seconds until an “O” appears on the display
  • Press the power button 4 times
  • Double press the power button

To turn off the Canon printer, press the power button again while holding down the power button. This resets the Canon printer. Then reset the ink cartridge. Press the printer power button and unplug the USB cable. Then hold down the power button and open the Canon print cartridge access door. Then connect the printer power cable and press the power button. Check if the printer is reset.

Older printer drivers can cause reset errors. If the printer is running or if you have an older printer driver, you may experience various errors. Check the printer driver and update it immediately. You can download the printer driver from the Canon website or use the driver update tool. Download and install the secure driver tool from the internet and run the tool on your device. This tool updates all old device drivers on your PC. After updating the driver, try resetting the printer. If you continue to receive errors while resetting your printer, contact your Canon technical team for assistance.


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