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How to Stay Connected While You are Studying Abroad


Getting the opportunity to study in a foreign country is exhilarating for most people. Whether it is a self-sponsored endeavor or a scholarship, the chance to experience new culture and travel across the world creates lasting memories and brings forth unique experiences. However, traveling abroad certainly implies that you are away from your family, friends, and significant other for quite a considerable period.

How to Stay Connected While You are Studying Abroad

Staying connected consistently and frequently ensures that bonds do not break as new ones are being created. In this blog find the top five ways that you can use to remain connected while studying abroad.

1. Regular Communication

It is essential to make sure that you regularly communicate with your romantic partner, family, and friends. However, regular communication may lead to boredom or missing out on actually having fun while abroad. In addition to this, giving your loved ones most of your free time means that you will not be able to experience and enjoy what is going on around you. Making new friends, exploring the place, and creating new hobbies are essential components of being abroad. The beauty of having controlled fun is that you have exciting things to talk about with your loved ones when you get in touch. A healthy balance is, however, key. Overindulgence in new activities may lead to losing meaningful relationships, hence the value of planning for your activities.

2. Utilizing Technology

The various online tools available in this digital age are the key to staying actively connected with loved ones when you are abroad. Applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook allow people to stay connected through interactive features. Technology indeed comes in handy, from chatting to sending emojis to express how you feel in a more profound way to video calls that give people much-needed face time. Varying how you communicate in these platforms through text, voice notes, and video calls keeps the thrill in communication. When you are abroad, network problems are bound to be an issue every once in a while. For example, having a pocket wifi rental USA allows you to bypass network issues and stay connected in remote areas even where reception might not be that great.

3. Being Patient and Understanding

Staying connected abroad is not always a walk in the park. At times your loved ones or romantic partner may feel disconnected and neglected. Realizing that, just like arguments are always bound to happen in face-to-face relationships, so are they bound to occur in virtual relationships. However, the underlying cause of these arguments is usually time spent apart. Breaking conversation with the other party when you have heated arguments only heightens the tension. Maintaining sobriety and reassuring your loved ones that you look forward to seeing them at a specific time and that you will stay connected is essential. Being abroad does not imply that you cannot buy your loved ones gifts, especially in this era of e-commerce which keeps relationships strong and re-affirms the care and love you have for your loved ones.

4. Planning a Visit or Two for Loved One(s) While Abroad

Whether it’s your mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, or sibling, having your favorite person visit you abroad makes them feel appreciated and connected. Doing this enables your loved ones to trust you and helps them share in the experience you are having. Introducing your loved one to new friends and hobbies helps them appreciate what you have been sharing over the phone or when skyping. Your loved one may enjoy your hobbies as much as you do, which increases what you have in common.

5. Starting a Blog or YouTube Channel

If you are a film enthusiast or good at writing, starting a YouTube channel or a blog can help your loved ones, and other people share in your experience. Documenting or filming your surroundings and escapades in a fun, exciting way can help you beat boredom, enhance skills and share your stay in a foreign country vividly. In addition to this, by doing that, you will be able to preserve memories.

Staying connected keeps you relevant in the minds of your loved ones. Consistency, understanding, and variation in communicating spices things up with loved ones no matter the distance between you. While communication breaks are necessary when individuals have continuously communicated, clearly and politely stating that before doing so for a couple of days is critical.

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