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How to Train Your Dog for Electric Dog Fence?


The electric dog fence system is quite useful yet simple to use for the safety of the dogs. You just have to make sure that the collar’s battery is working, so the dog gets the warning through the transmitter’s signal. With that correctness, the dog will remain confined to the yard and won’t try to cross the invisible boundary again. Unfortunately, the system is specifically useful to the house with endless boundaries, and it is almost impossible to handle the pet dog within such a vast area.

How to Train Your Dog for Electric Dog Fence

But the dog requires proper training about the fence to react in the desired way. You cannot just install the system and expect your pet to react in the desired way. If the species is ferocious enough, it can show some adverse reaction as it was hurt through the shock though it was mild.

So, you need to provide the proper training regarding the fence system. Then, you can take your dog to some professional dog training center or take the responsibility into your hand.

Steps to Train the Dog of the Fence System

Some of the quality electric dog fence systems come with a user manual and proper training manual too. You just have to go through and start your training session with your lovable pet. Remember, less lengthy and frequent sessions are useful for the dog to understand the system. First, you need to learn that how to train dog on electric fence:

  • Start with identifying the flag and how they are mentioning the boundary of their confinement zone along with the beep sound of the collar to make the pet aware that it is near the fence. Make 3-4 rounds of training 15 times each, and it will start to catch.
  • Take the leashed dog towards the boundary flags in normal mode, and when they realize, make them understand the incident and praise them for their feedback.
  • After that, leave it to get to the flag zones on their own and try to make it reach 3-4 flags in a session. The sessions must be full of fun for the dog, or else it will not be interested in the process.
  • You should play with your dog at the end of each session, keeping a gap of 10 feet to the boundary, and this will remain with the creature, which it will follow later.
  • When the dog knows its new confinement, let’s introduce it to the correction it will get. Start with the low level and level up in every turn and follow the changes in its attitude with every correction.
  • Don’t rush and stay at the same flag until the dog controls itself to reach the boundary area because of the correctness.
  • Now, when the pet is accustomed to the correctness and has known its boundary and safe ground, it is time to offer it distractions outside the safe zone. But with a proper understanding of the system, your pet will resist going outside the safe zone, and it deserves some praise and treats.
  • At the end of the training session, do all these with the dog being unleashed. The pet dog with a proper understanding of the system must behave in the desired way.

You can achieve success within two weeks of starting the procedure. This session will also help to build a better understanding between the pet and its master.


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