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Importance of Automatic Call Distribution System


The year is 2020, and by now, all the businesses in the world have realized the exceptional importance of a virtual business phone system to conduct customer support. People these days tend to reach customer support executives even with their smallest of all doubts, and in this case scenario, the significance and benefits received from a virtual business phone system are unparalleled. These modern phone systems come equipped with a lot of features already in them, and a ton of add-on options in case of any further customizations is needed in the long run. Automatic call distribution is one such feature that most of the top VoIP service providers offer these days with their business phone systems.

Automatic Call Distribution System

Here in this article, we are going to have an in-depth look into the importance of an automatic call distribution system (ACD) and the advantages of the same. However, for your better understanding, we won’t head directly into that part without understanding an internet business phone system at its basic. We are also going to have a look at some of the best internet business phone service providers to exist currently and that your business can go with right now.

An Internet Business Phone System at its Basic

Internet business phone systems typically work on the architecture that of a WhatsApp call. The only difference in the case of an internet business phone system for business purposes is that the system is more vast and complex. Talking about its working principle, it doesn’t rely on the telephony technology of satellite or network tower-based communications. Rather it is a system harbored on the internet itself. Moreover, the wireless structure of the entire setup of an internet business phone allows the attending of calls and messages from any device that connects to the internet. Thus, as you can understand yourself, that the need for costly hardware and its maintenance is eliminated with a virtual business phone system.

What is An Automatic Call Distribution System?

An automatic call distribution system is a management-level commonly used tool in the communications industry that can handle a large volume of inbound call traffic and distribute them according to their priorities. Now, this system either comes in the form of an automatic call distribution software or sometimes the service provider integrates it with the system itself. The fundamental job role of the automatic call distributor is to categorize the incoming calls according to their requirements and priorities. These calls are then distributed amongst the specific call center executives or agents who hold specialization in that specific segment.

The automatic call distribution system utilizes an entirely rule-based routing strategy. Based on a set of already dictated instructions, the automatic call distribution software directs how an inbound call will be processed and routed before it reaches its concerned agent/executive. Rules, however, are strictly dependent on how to guide the caller to the concerned agent at the quickest time possible. Hence, the goal here becomes simple for the system to understand why the caller is calling the support center in the first place.

Importance of an Automatic Call Distribution Software

Smooth Call Routing

Automatic call distribution enhances the possibility of a call center. It significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of the call center agents. An automatic call distribution software works on a predetermined algorithm through which calls get transferred to the most suitable agent. Hence, it even reduces call transferring times drastically.

Prompt Response

Make the customers reaching your call center happy by providing them prompt responses against their calls with an automatic call distribution system. Thereby, the same will result in utmost customer satisfaction and more ratings for your support center.

Streamlined Call Operations

With an automatic call distribution software, the customer support team can even find past communication histories with the customer. The same results in a streamlined operation as when that customer calls in the future, the call gets directed to the same agent who provided help to that specific customer the last time.

Enhances Agent Productivity

It is a proven fact that with an automatic call distribution system, agent efficiencies and productivity rise significantly. Call center agents with the system get to handle calls for which they are specially trained. A rise in confidence naturally comes within the agents as they know how to handle the situation in the best way possible.

Reduces Call Center Operational Costs

Responding quickly to a customer reaching the center implies that the time is taken to answer that particular call also reduces. Thus, this becomes directly proportional to reducing the cost-per-call for a call center.

Utilization of Resources

The efficient routing of inbound calls to a call center with an automatic call distribution increases the chances of specific agents utilizing newer resources to solve customer problems. Also, the system acquires user data like the total numbers of calls attended, time spent on each one of them, the wait time, and more to generate call center reports that are really useful during audits.

Three Best Call Center Software with Automatic Call Distribution


CallHippo has forever proven to be an exceptional virtual business phone system for all the businesses starting up with their customer support centers. Call center software now even has the option to add automatic call distribution in their dashboard. This will provide all the essential benefits of the system to the contact center. The pricing of this service provider starts at $14 for a user per month.


Another great choice to avail of an automatic call distribution system in an internet business phone system would be going with Grasshopper. The service provider is renowned for its well-optimized call center software and tools. Their lite user interface is something everyone around the call center industry likes to talk about. The pricing of Grasshopper for a user per month starts at $24.


8×8 provides the guarantee of reducing customer friction with their automatic call distribution system. Their interface even gains complete access to customer history and other details. The pricing of this service provider starts at $12 a month for a single user.

Final Words

So, after coming across some of the primary importance of an automatic call distribution system, it is for your good to levy a similar system for your business. Another real-time benefit of an ACD are that the high-priority calls receive quicker responses. Then the customer support call center is in business 24*7 irrespective of what time of the day it is with automatic call distribution software.

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