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Keep Your Belongings Safe Stylishly With a Kilim Backpack


Handbags can look super-stylish – of that there is little doubt – but they restrict you to carrying the essentials. That’s absolutely not the case when talking about a rucksack or backpack.

If you live your life on the move, you need a bag that can cater for all of your needs. The backpack is the go-to solution for students, travellers and business people for a number of reasons and they come in an extensive range of styles and colors. That said, in terms of individuality, there’s nothing quite like the style that’s offered by the Kilim Backpack.

Keep Your Belongings Safe Stylishly With a Kilim Backpack

Kilim – which we’ll look at shortly in closer detail – is a textile with centuries-old history, yet is still relevant enough to be appreciated by modern people.

The Benefits Offered by Backpacks

The Kilim backpack offers the same functional benefits as all other types in that they provide all the storage capacity you need for all of your day to day belongings and valuables. Offering ideally-sized pockets and zips for both large and small items, you’re never short of a place to secrete your wallet, mobile phone and all those other vital niknaks.

The other benefit, of course, is that because of the way they’re worn, you get to keep your hands completely free whilst comfortably carrying whatever you have inside. There’s far more storage available than you could possibly get from a handbag and as we’re about to find out, they can be great looking too.

The Sumptuous Style of Kilim

If you take even just a brief look at Kilim and the products made from it, you see a textile with a rich history dating back thousands of years and a level of craftsmanship that it’s quite hard to find in the modern era. Used widely across the Mediterranean for fashion, housing an all manner of other purposes, the tribal patterns they offer lend a certain elan to any garment or item that adorns them.

The Kilim backpack is no different. On top of all the useful space, you get a unique pattern that’s not just hard-wearing, but that says something about who you are. Instead of going for a bog standard rucksack, you took the time to find something more sophisticated – even for an everyday purpose.

It shows that you care about how you look and that you’re not afraid to show it!

Style & Function – The Best of Both Worlds

So, when you’re deciding on the ideal backpack for your needs, remember that it’s not a straight swap between style and function, as you can absolutely have both.

Buying a Kilim backpack is the considered choice for those who want sufficient space for their things, but also want to express their individuality in every way they can. What’s more, as many of the designs are hand-woven, you rarely get the same pattern occurring, so you’re almost guaranteed a one-of-a-kind product that you’ll be proud to take out each day.

Hardwearing, full of space and singularly unique in design, what’s not to love?

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