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League of Legends – How Much Have you Spent on LOL?


League of Legends has become one of the dominating sports of the time. In the vein of other blooming games, LOL has highly influenced the gaming industry. Well, the game, league of legends: Wild Rift claims to be free but is it a complete ‘Free-to-Play’ or a ‘Freemium’? Recently, LOL has evolved as the most lucrative model for gamers. Not only the time, but players are also investing real money into this multiplayer league game. But isn’t it hard to realize how much one actually spent on the League of Legends?

Similar to the other FREEMIUMS, the League of Legends, also offers free core games to the players and then charges them for the premium versions or contents.

Emerged in the game, it is tough to realize how much have you spent on the League of legends? Yes, there is a big monetizing strategy attached to it though the game is ‘Free-to-play’. The lush of this game is so deep that the player barely realizes the total investment in the game.

Now one might think, that how this free game can make the players spend such a grand amount?

The answer is quite easy; the numerous in-game items demand money.

The following are the items that make this free game cost thousands and more:

LOL players spend money on premium content like game currency, extra premium content, new champions-the characters, the customized look of the characters, also known as skins. Moreover, the game is so interesting that the gamers cannot afford a slow connection or hindrance of any kind. Thus, the influence point boost is another cost attracting millions and trillions to this ‘free league’. These points are the boosters that help the players to gain IP faster, that gradually enable unlocking the premium characters without spending real money.

In simple words, just like other games that want their players to invest, LOL also shares this common motive. You don’t have to pay for downloading the game. Once you download the game, several luxury items attract you to waste your money.
Adding on, Riot is no way back than any other retail store, therefore just like Myntra or your nearest store, it also often has sales, attracting the biggest monetary interest of all time.

Where some Redditors spent as little as $200 in three years, the others have crossed $4000 in just two years or less.

The most important question is how to know the actual money you have spent on the League of Legends?

While in the gaming mode, it is natural to lose the tack of actual expenditure.

In the summers of 2019,LOL’s publisher, Riot Games, cut the threads of speculations throwing the third-party sites out of business.

The in-app purchases cannot be done directly with real money but the real money needs to be converted into the in-game currency and then purchases can be made.

They now officially have a section dedicated to do showing you money spent in the game.

  1. Log into your Riot account after which you need to visit this Riot Games support page.
  2. Once you are logged into your account, a giant red “Show Me The Money” button will pop up on the screen.
  3. With just a Click on this giant red button you will uncover how much is spent by you on League of Legend.
  4. The significant points you need to know is:
    • The amount reflected in your account applies to the current region.
    • The spending outside the region associated with your account presently will not be included.
    • Keep the third-party apps promising you to update about the current status of your money wasted on the game at a bay!
    • The third-party sides may have iniquitous motives resulting in scams or losing your account ownership.

When the monetizing strategies are busted, why players are still heavily investing in LOL?

The E-sport industry has become one of the most favorite forms of entertainment today. Where the young generation is going crazy after the Esports, the middle and old-aged players are not lagging in the race.

Riot has sincerely used the saying, ‘Time is valuable’!

Yes, there is an option of unlocking the luxury contents without spending any real money. But the generation cannot afford to spend years to unlock just a few wow features of the game. When the players were asked that why they are so fond of investing into this E-sport sector when they can easily play for hours and get the premium content unlocked for FREE, few of them were proud to tell that LOL has their backs to relieve the stress amidst the ‘nine to five’ job. Furthermore, when they have a high paying job that can allow them to spend few thousand bucks just to ensure the big supplies of entertainment then they are more than happy in investing League of Legends.

League of Legends - How Much Have you Spent on LOL

The players easiness of transaction also plays a big psychological role in gifting the ultimate sense of satisfaction on purchasing the cool effects and graphics of the game. The online store is just like a cake walk when it comes to making money from its users. The players can easily use RP to buy his favorite thing and come back in the competition. ultimately, the type of purchase is majorly influenced by the gamer’s community.

Should you actually waste money on League of Legends?

Well, if you cannot hold yourself back from the aesthetic reasons for spending money then yes you can. But spending just on skins is not a prudent decision. You can put your money into the account and wait for the price drops.

To conclude, spending money is purely the gamer’s discretion; no one, not even the game can force the players to spend any bucks on LOL. But it is vital to be aware from the third- party apps in order to save your money from being wasted in scams.
Online gaming has always been an addiction where players sink so much into gaming that the user should have a right track on the money spent on these addictive games.

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