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Life in Germany, What you Should Know?


Germany attracts students from all corners of the globe due to the numerous advantages that it can add to a candidate’s life. From enhancing the quality of life to lucrative job opportunities and its exciting traditions and culture. Another engaging quality of Germany is the picturesque towns, which make students from outside of the EU experience a magnificent journey, visiting Germany. This article will explore a few common questions regarding what life is like in Germany for international candidates.

Life in Germany, What you Should Know

What is the weather like in Germany?

You will be glad to know as an international student that Germany enjoys perfect weather mostly. Although this may sound like an exaggeration, Germany is widely known as one of the few European countries that want all four seasons throughout the year.

What is the average standard of living?

For an international student living outside their college campus in Germany, you will need less than a thousand euro per month to meet the necessary living expenses. As a heads up, when applying for a visa to enter Germany, it is mandatory to provide proof of financial stability for a successful visa application.

How can I enjoy the German Lifestyle?

Germans place significant importance on your form of personality and time management. Therefore, if you are not punctual, there is a good chance you may find it difficult to make friendships with German citizens. This nation’swonderful culture is primarily influenced by its rich history and partly by the neighboring countries.

Meeting people in Germany

Most Germans belong to one or more clubs or groups; In fact, they have one of the highest levels of social cohesion globally, so joining a group can be a great way to make like-minded friends. However, the quickest way to meet new people will likely be through your studies or your job.

Can I move to Germany without a job?

You can move to Germany without a job, provided you have the money to cover your advance rent and security deposit (and enough savings to justify your visa, if applicable). However, if you want to meet new people right away, the faster you find a job, the quicker this process will be. You cannot apply for social benefits such as unemployment insurance in Germany if you have just moved into the country.

Get Your German Utilities Set Up

There are numerous Internet service providers in Germany, but you may also need to have a Deutsche Telekom line installed first. So ask your landlord. Many young people in Germany rely solely on their cell phones instead. For more information on choosing a cellular network, see our Cell Phone Tariffs in Germany page.

If you move into life together, you will likely only take on certain household bills or put in a pot of household money to cover housing costs. If you are furnishing your apartment on your own, you have to consider the following additional costs that you have to organize:

  • Heater
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Cable / satellite television
  • Telephone / Internet connection (telephone / Internet connection)
  • Home insurance

Learning German

Although English is widely spoken in Germany, it is advisable to learn German first. You also need to become familiar with the technical terms you may see in employment or rental contracts.

Consider taking a very inexpensive German course at a local adult education center if you don’t want to pay the tuition fees at a private German school.

Can you live in Germany without speaking German?

It is almost possible to live in Germany without speaking a lot of German. However, to find employment and fully integrate into society, you need to speak and read German at a reasonable level, especially if you live outside the big cities. Consider attending an evening language school in your home town or taking an online course in German before moving.

Will I receive any benefit From the Healthcare System in Germany?

If you wish to settle in the country or even enter its territory, you should acquire health insurance because it is mandated in Germany. Everyone in this country takes health insurance seriously, so it has one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

What is the best part of being an international student in Germany?

The best part about studying in a German college is that you learn about different cultures, meet people from all other countries, and develop connections. This is the main reason why students throughout the world have their eyes on Germany as a study destination.

What is the most challenging aspect of Studying in Germany?

After you have blended in with the German society, living and studying in a foreign country will no longer seem difficult. You will enjoy your time with your classmates or German neighbors and learning new things. What else? You may even wish to relive the experience all over again after finishing your studies.

By the way, Germany has just so much to offer that you may lose track of time trying to imbibe it all. If you are interested in becoming a student in this vibrant country with an energetic vibe and being part of its innovative population, choose to apply for a graduate or post-graduate degree today. Click here for more details.

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