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List of Top Universities in the USA for Undergraduate Studies


According to the survey issued by the economic times, there has been a rise in the number of Indian students migrating to US countries to pursue higher education or under graduation courses. Statistics show a YoY 3% increase in Indian students opting for top-rated US educational institutions in 2019. This increase indicates that students are more inclined towards completing their academics from premier educational institutes irrespective of associated challenges, especially funding.

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The process of scouting the best US universities can be baffling for students as there are a plethora of options. So, they should be well-informed about the top 10 universities in the USA, which they can examine before zeroing in a particular university.

Top 10 universities in USA for undergraduate studies

Given below is the list of top 10 universities in the USA for you to choose the best American universities to pursue your undergraduate degree.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – MIT has been crowned as the best educational institute for under-graduation as well as postgraduate degrees for 7 times in a row by renowned academics benchmark bodies. It offers the world’s best technology-driven study curriculum for students with excellent infrastructure and faculty.

2. Stanford University – With an illustrious record of notably accomplished names in the list of alumni, this prestigious university is ranked 2nd by the QS world university rankings. It is also known as the hub for training minds to develop entrepreneurship skills and business acumen.

3. Harvard University – Harvard is considered as one of the most prestigious universities present in the world. It offers enormous educational possibilities for students owing to its premium infrastructure and amenities. This university too has a legacy of acclaimed conditioning of notable personnel from all fields.

4. California Institute of Technology – This is a top technical institute that has pitched its ranking in number 4 among the top 10 universities in USA. It has multiple records of pioneering research work in the field of engineering and technology.

5. University of Chicago – This University has consistently held its position and has pioneered several path-breaking research activities including the first man-made and self-sustaining nuclear reaction.

6. Princeton University – This University is ranked 6th by the QS World University and is considered to offer one of the country’s best student-oriented facilities.

7. Cornell University – Ranked second best for acquiring veterinary medicine degree, this university has secured its position in number 7 for the past 14 years according to leading academics benchmarks.

8. Yale University – Owing to its popularity in the field of arts, theatre, and music, this university offers degree/certification on 40 different areas of study.

9. Columbia University – This University is ideally known for its remarkable student-faculty ratio.

10. University of Pennsylvania – This university ranks 19th in the global records, and has secured its position because of its noteworthy faculty. It also has a sprawling campus offering holistic facilities.

Students who are intending to pursue their under graduation course from top universities in the USA, should first select the degree programme that they wish to proceed with. They should also be equipped with a properly drafted college admission plan that includes college application procedure, admission charges, and estimated living costs. Note that various institutions will mandate just as varied application processes.

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