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Living in Hong Kong: Expat’s Guide to Moving to Hong Kong


Being an expat sounds like the most exciting thing in the world and the best way to live your life, but it’s not always like that. No matter how amazing moving to a new country is, this is a process that requires quite a lot of planning and forces you to think about tons of things in advance. If you’re moving to a place like Hong Kong, though, this entire process can become harder and even more complex. If this is something you’re thinking about doing as well, here are a few ideas and suggestions that might help you organize your move more easily and effectively.

Living in Hong Kong: Expat’s Guide to Moving to Hong Kong


Moving to Hong Kong isn’t like moving to the USA, France, or other countries that are popular with expats all over the world. Unlike most countries, this place requires you to have the right documents and visas – not to mention your passport, of course – which is why taking care of these things in advance is simply a must. However, since applying for some of these documents might take a while, you need to start this process immediately in order to avoid having problems at the airport.

There are lots of ways to learn more about visa requirements and regimes that apply to you and your family, but there’s just one way to go if you want to be absolutely sure: consult the official Hong Kong immigration services page. This is where you’ll find all the info you’re going to need to reach Hong Kong safely and legally, without raising suspicion when talking to immigration agents. Visa requirements differ from one country to another, and it all depends on where you’re coming from, why you’re going to Hong Kong, how long you’re thinking about staying there, and what you’re planning on doing there.


Speaking of the things you’ll be doing in Honk Kong, this is another issue you need to address before moving there. Finding a job that will help you earn enough money to live comfortably won’t be easy, which is why doing that beforehand is the best way to go. Don’t be afraid to look into jobs you’ve never done before and consider ideas that sound unusual at first because these might turn into the right positions for you.

The biggest reason why finding work before moving to Hong Kong is quite simple to understand – you probably won’t be granted a visa unless you have a job waiting for you there. What most people do is take any position they can find just to get to Hong Kong and then start looking for a new job as soon as they do that.


Finding a place to stay in Hong Kong is an issue that worries lots of expats the most, but this doesn’t have to be so hard at all. It’s all about finding an apartment that won’t be too expensive yet still provide you with the luxury you had at home. Since Hong Kong is huge and full of millions of different places where you can live, doing that will take a while, so you need to be patient and focused on finding the right place for you.

Another great idea is to find a temporary place that’s comfortable and affordable – you can stay here for a while and enjoy your expat experience, but still take your time to find a new place that can become your permanent Hong Kong residence. Finding a gorgeous service apartment in Hong Kong, for instance, might be a great way to go because these are fully-serviced and equipped with tons of different amenities, which makes them perfect for people who have just moved to Hong Kong and need an awesome place to stay.


No matter how old and healthy you are, thinking about your health after you move to Hong Kong is another issue you need to think about before you actually move. The problem lots of people have with this place is the pollution, especially those that come from Denmark, Malta, Australia, Canada, and other countries that don’t have a huge problem with pollution.

Air pollution in Hong Kong can result in massive health issues – from respiratory irritation to heart failure – you should try to avoid as much as you can. Hong Kong is becoming more and more aware of this problem and trying to solve it, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to think about your health insurance. Luckily, the public healthcare system here is quite nicely organized and run by people who know what they’re doing, and what’s even better is that most doctors, nurses, technicians, and other staff speak English very fluently, which is something all expats will appreciate.

Moving to Hong Kong will probably turn out to be the biggest adventure of your life, so start planning your move today and solving all potential problems before you head towards the airport!

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