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Most Profitable Crops to Grow For Small Farmers in Small Farms


Do you know there are the most profitable crops for small farmers in small farms to grow?

If you’re low on space or time input, you should look toward high-value crops to increase your small farm production output.

There are lots of profitable crops that you can grow in your small farm.

Most Profitable Crops to Grow For Small Farmers in Small Farms

Every farmer grows crops according to their farms and requirements. If their budget allows, they obviously can grow crops on a large scale. But here, we are talking about small farms and crops which a farmer can grow easily.

Deciding which crops are suitable for your situation will depend on many different factors besides the obvious ones, such as climate, soil and land. Small farms are often various enterprises run by small teams of people, so you must grow well adapted to your space, market and time input.

There are so many profitable crops to grow for small farmers in small farms. Here we are going to consider these crops and their cultivation.

1. Mushrooms

When a farmer thinks about small scale farm ideas, mushrooms may not be one of the first things that come to your mind as the best cash crops you can grow on your farm. But growing mushrooms can be actually profitable.

Mushrooms are an excellent crop for metropolitan farmers or anyone who has less space to work with. They are most often grown indoors and generate an extremely high profit per square foot.

2. Microgreens

Microgreens farming considers many varieties of common crops like basil, beets, broccoli, cabbage, celery, cilantro, spinach, parsley, lettuce, kale, radish, peas, arugula, mustard, kohlrabi, amaranth, sorrel, etc.

Microgreens are mainly grown in trays filled with soil, but they can also produce hydroponically.

Microgreens also need to be sold fresh and don’t have an extremely long life. You’ll need to find a farmer’s market to sell or reach out to local chefs and grocery stores. You can also sell microgreen crops to wholesalers.

Many regular green vegetables or herbs can be grown as a microgreen, and there is a vast range of varieties of microgreens commonly grown these days.

3. Lavender

Growing this herb might be one of your most profitable farming crop options. Lavender is a highly adaptable and versatile crop. You can sell its fresh or dried flowers to florists. The dried flowers are used in floral arrangements or bouquets or sold directly to craft supply shops.

It is also used to make lavender oil. It’s a common element that includes aromatherapy products, skincare products like soaps and lotions, herbal bags and fragrances.

Lavender plants require well-drained soil and a wide variety of different climates to grow. Fertilizer and spraying aren’t usually needed. Lavender is easily produced in a nursery by cuttings.

4. Saffron

It’s difficult to describe what saffron tastes like and why it costs so much high?

Saffron is made out of the flower that gets germinated by pollen from the crocus plant. It takes around 75,000 flowers to produce one pound of dried saffron.

To grow saffron, many crocus flowers take just a quarter acre of land, so you get some idea of how profitable this crop could be to develop.

The bit difficult part of growing saffron is the harvesting process, which is extremely labour intensive. You need to carefully pick the flowers as they bloom and then pull out the three buds per flower. With extremely challenging tasks, it still is a profitable cash crop.

5. Bamboo

Bamboo is a tropical plant, but many rare cold-hardy varieties can survive in winters where the temperature becomes below zero.
Bamboo is a varied landscaping plant that can be sold as mainly decorative plants or used to create plants or shades.

You can grow bamboo in pots in your nursery, and it’s possible to produce thousands of bucks worth of plants per year.

Bamboo is more popular for its use as a fabric. If you live in the climate support areas where you can grow bamboo outdoors, you can grow the crop in less land as per your requirement.

Bamboo is an excellent example of high profitable cash crops that are not always necessarily edible.

Cultivation Of Crops

Cultivation always depends on the category and nature of crops. Crops can be aquatic and land as well. Every crop requires farming according to its type and is also very necessary. Many land farming needed the best technologies and mechanisation. To produce productive agriculture, farmers always choose the best. They can’t compromise with their farms and crops. In this case, many farmers prefer the Mahindra 265 tractor. Its robust performance and best features always attract the farmers. They can perform their farming efficiently with this tractor, they also suggest others to buy it for their farms.

We hope you like this content about profitable crops for small farmers on small farms.


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