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PRINCE2 Project Management


Project management is about organizing your activities to get the desired outcome. To have a successful project, I would like to start by breaking down the moves into phases that can be accomplished within a designated time. This then enables you to set specific goals to pre- disposition certain tools and methods for achieving these goals. As can be found on a PRINCE2 edinburgh training qualification.

PRINCE2 Project Management

The first phase in project management is initiation. This consists of planning, training, communicating, setting goals, and delegate tasks. To maximize your project success, I would advise that you arrange your project in the order described below.


You must plan to control your project. Planning is the foundation for every successful project, and the foundation for project success is a well thought- out plan. This is true in the activities that you perform regularly. Without a proper plan, if you wish to start a new project, you will have a challenging time getting there, or at worst, you will have a program that does not work.

Project management demands time spent on the strategic aspects of plan development such as budgeting, training, and clarifying the goals and objectives of the project. Your role is usually of a support role to the project manager. The task of the support manager is to deal with resources and individuals better suited to performing the tasks.


The class of the project will change to adapt to its characteristics and environment. When planning your project, keep in mind that you will need to change your project training to match the project.

Communication needs, shifts in the project organization, changes within those who work on the project, and business evolution. Project management rewritten embracing no outdated strategies will reflect process orientation. Project management for businesses that operate in a flat structure will face challenges turning into a more cooperative environment. Many companies today change how they work due to crises, and decisions must be taken quickly. This must be done in close collaboration with a project manager with a long-term view of the project.


Communication is the fuel that fuels any project. Without timely and accurate communication, projects will not get ahead. Freight lines will not keep track of time and keep the carriers moving, so communication is just as important in project management.

Projects will run into problems between projects if communication lines are not maintained. Projects may run over budget. When times are tough, to impact the budget, a project manager must communicate the reasons for the changes with all parties concerned. This includes client managers, stakeholders, and functional managers.


The schedule must be managed for a project to move forward. Each project should be scheduled to run against a program and an outcome. If a project is delayed, it creates a domino effect and should result in projects failing.


Projects need to be monitored even more closely than in the past. Project managers are paid to ensure that their projects run lean as possible and do not run over budget. As can be seen, project managers will be faced with this challenge in this day and age. The majority of the project fails due to the project manager being overworked and forgetting the most critical team member – the executive team.

Assuring your skills are in order before project initiation ensures you have time to think about how you will monitor your project’s success. By recognizing what you are going to beware about, and continuity during project management situations planning well in advance is essential for a project to progress efficiently.


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