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Reasons to Buy a Dash Cam with GPS


Dash cams have become quite popular over the years and day by day its upgraded versions are introduced with the advancement in technology. Following the trend, the market is now serving the dash camera with GPS qualities. So, with the basic purpose of audio-video recording, while driving, these car cameras also provide useful data on location and driving behaviors.

Reasons to Buy a Dash Cam with GPS

Let’s see the reasons to buy a dash camera with GPS.

Evidence of an incident:

Most of the people invest in car cameras to have evidence of an accident while driving. The camera automatically starts recording once the car comes in motion. You don’t need to switch on the camera every time you start driving. So, you won’t miss the footage of any moment, including the time when the incident occurs. You can use the footage to defend yourself when there’s an argument over the collision. It can save you from troubles like road rage or legalities.

Monitor Unruly Chauffeurs:

You should consider a dash cam with GPS to keep a tab of unruly chauffeurs. You don’t accompany them all the time and thus remain unaware of their conduct at work. This is where a dash cam with GPS can help in monitoring driver’s behaviour. You can watch the recorded footage to know his activity during the job. Similarly, the data collected by GPS like speed, travelled locations, etc. help understand the way he handles your car. You will have enough proof to take action on your chauffeur.

Records Memory of Road Trip:

If long drives and road trips are your passion, then don’t miss to have a dash cam mounted in your car. It can make your trips memorable for the lifetime. The dash cam records the entire route you travel. You won’t miss any unexpected, exciting instance to be captured while travelling. Without any still camera, everything will be recorded, which you can rejoice later by watching them over and over again.

KENT CamEye: The one worth investing

Among all the latest options available in the market, KENT CamEye is the one for which you can invest. It’s an advanced dash cam cum GPS tracker designed with artificial intelligence. The dual camera in the device records the audio-video for both inside and outside views. The GPS facility provides real-time updates of the car in transit. Along with all the aforesaid usage, KENT CamEye helps in ensuring the security of both the car and people travelling in it.

KENT CamEye comes for ₹17,999 with 3-months free subscription. You can also get a free demo of the device.

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