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Safeguarding Contact Centres in Times of a Pandemic!


Call centres have always run a labor-intensive job where agents are always expected to be available at work 24X7 and answer multiple calls monotonously. In times of a pandemic like COVID-19, when the world went into a complete lockdown, it became hard for most of the companies to survive.

Safeguarding Contact Centres in Times of a Pandemic

The most adversely affected industry in this time were call centres as they went into a complete lockdown since they worked on manual functions. Companies providing outsource call centre facilities handle customer support for various companies and for such companies, such pandemics can be a disaster.

In tough scenarios like a pandemic, most of the agents will be unable to attend office and most prefer remote working to avoid being affected by the virus. So, in such a scenario, how will BPOs survive?

Well, companies delivering outsourced call centre facilities need to mobilize their workforce to survive in tough times. If you are a call centre firm and want to make your company efficient enough to fight any pandemic, continuity is the key.

To understand the ways to enhance flexible systems in the business operations, here we team up the top tips. Check out:

1. Give importance to remote working

In a pandemic situation, people are compelled to stay under quarantine and in such times, only remote working can help your business survive. Call centres face great issues in handling remote functions as they have traditionally performed in-house operations.

However, modern call centres need to make themselves efficient enough to perform remote work.

You must think how is it possible to handle such a huge customer data and access the agents on efficient performance with work from home!

Well, cloud-based contact centres are the key. Provide your staff phone and laptops and they can easily help you with eased business services.

Since a cloud-based network helps the agents’ access all the customer-related information over an internet platform accessed through passwords, thus it is safe. Most companies think cloud-based contact centres are not safe, nevertheless, it provides strict password checks and thus every call centre can use it for remote working without worrying over cybersecurity.

To avoid the company undergo a complete lockdown, it is better to enhance the business operations with cloud-based services.

2. Inform customers

Companies offering outsource call centre services should always inform their customers about the updates in the business services.

In times of a pandemic, most people think that their services providers won’t function properly. Nevertheless, make sure you update your customers about your services and assure them that they can contact you whenever essential.

3. Comprehensive Plan

To avoid any disaster affect your business success, there has to be a comprehensive plan. When a pandemic hits the world, an effective plan can help your business run the same as before.

Every company needs to be prepared for the worst. There has to be an adequate plan for all situations so that there can be an instant resolution to any issue.

With an adequate plan for the business productivity path, companies can easily cross all hurdles. Most companies face severe challenges in reaping benefits at times of a disaster or a pandemic.

However, call centre companies have worked for several firms and have handled their call support. Thus, BPOs need to make sure that they keep their services running so that there is no threat to their partners’ customer satisfaction.

4. Use the latest technologies

The modern epoch is all about using the latest tech and benefitting the business services with automated tools. This is the reason it is essential to make sure that the business agents are trained over modern tools and technologies.

In adverse scenarios, modern technologies can do a lot for your business success and can help your organization in meeting the target audience’s requirements.

Since Corona is not the last crisis and there can be yet another one that may destroy businesses. Thus, it is vital to be ready for all scenarios and make the business strong enough to fight against pandemic and competitors.

5. Employee happiness

Companies offering outsource call centre facilities do not pay much attention to employee happiness. Nevertheless, call centre outsourcing firms should understand that their employees go through a tough job handling multiple calls continuously.

Thus, companies need to take care of the employees’ needs and take notice of their welfare. When employees feel that their company takes care of their needs, attrition will not be an issue at such tough times ensuring business productivity.

After all, the employees build the organization and uplift the brand image for the business, thus their happiness has to be significant!

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