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Should a Web Page Have a Single CTA?


Web design is not cramped in textual alignment anymore. Web pages now are full of colors, graphical elements and CTAs. Though they are highly responsive and attractive, the complication did not end.

Webmasters and web designers often get into trouble to decide the perfect CTA for a web page. How many CTAs are apt for a web page? Let’s know in detail.

Should a Web Page Have a Single CTA

What is a CTA?

Call to Action [CTA] is anything on a web page that influences users to take required actions. For example, a button or a link on a web page is a CTA.

When a visitor looks at the CTA named “Buy Now”, he understands that he needs to click on this button or link to get this product. This is the reason we use CTAs on a website.

Types of CTA

Marketers use numerous kinds of CTAs for different reasons. We are sharing some CTAs based on the actual objective.

# Lead Generation

If you aim to grab more leads, use CTAs like “Download Quotes”, “Request a Plan” etc.

# Awareness Creation

Making people aware of your product or services should fit CTAs like “Learn More,” “Check it out” etc.

# Subscription

Do you want more audiences or members? Use “Subscribe,” “Become a Member,” and “Sign up” as a CTA.

# Offering Products

These CTAs are mostly seen on e-commerce websites and product landing pages. They look like “Buy Now,” “Check the Price,” etc.

# Event Promotion

Inviting people for an upcoming event, “Register Now,” is a well suited CTA.

Importance of CTAs

CTA can be an important reason for online success. Choosing the right CTA is crucial because the conversion rate depends on it. CTA is the only way of talking to users indirectly. If they are unoptimized, perhaps you are missing a lot of potential clicks.
Placing the right CTA on the right page will take time and effort. However, the best trick can be an A/B test and tracking the conversion rate.

Research successful CTAs and apply upgraded designs, colors and text accordingly.

Single vs Multiple CTA for a web page

This can be very confusing while you decide the number of CTAs on a webpage. Even agencies like “A Plus Digital web designs” faces such questions very often.

Well, no one knows the direct answer because every web page is different. The best way to decide the number of CTAs is to understand the required actions.

When you are designing a landing page or lead generation page, a single CTA will match better. In such a case, the action is straightforward and simple.

On the other side, pages like “Home,” “Stores,” and “Contact” may have multiple CTAs.

The more important thing while using a CTA is to notice about the acceptability. They should not be confusing and annoying.

It may take a long while and more split testing to decide either a page should have one CTA or not. Besides, identifying trending CTAs and utilizing them will be helpful indeed.


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