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The Evolution of the Internet Over the Last Decade: 5 Huge Changes


Did you know that there are more than 4.5 billion active internet users across the globe? The evolution of the internet is one of the biggest human achievements of the 21st century. The internet has grown by leaps and bounds and led to the development of the social media landscape.

Social media has played a massive role in the evolution and structure of the internet as well as how the internet is used by businesses and influencers. It is important to understand how the internet has changed and how the growth of social media has changed the amount of time people spend browsing the web.

The Evolution of the Internet Over the Last Decade - 5 Huge Changes

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the changes that the internet has seen as it has grown. Continue reading to learn about the five biggest changes the internet has seen over the past decade.

Mobile Devices

The biggest change when it comes to the evolution of the internet over the past decade is the widespread use of mobile devices to access the internet. It doesn’t matter where you go. It could be at a restaurant or even just walking down the street but you’re guaranteed to see someone looking at their mobile device and browsing the web or social media.

It is believed that over half of the world’s population owns a mobile device or smartphone. A massive change that the internet is experiencing is the shift from browsing the web on a laptop or desktop computer to now doing so on a mobile device. This means that organizations and businesses have had to make their websites compatible with mobile devices.

This has also created a burgeoning market for web applications that are designed to work with mobile devices. From Facebook and Instagram to Etsy and Pinterest, there is an app for just about anything you can imagine.

While there is an element of unhealthiness to the amount of time that people spend on social media and on their mobile devices, the reality is that humans have the most powerful computers ever devised in their pockets with the ability to access information and knowledge like never before.

Growth of Big Data

With more and more people using mobile devices, the amount of data on people across the globe has never been greater. The vast majority of this personal information and data is given freely by mobile devices and internet users. This means that companies know how to market products that will interest you and target you with their mobile ad campaigns.

This growth of big data has also led to new industries and job markets like data analytics. You’re basically benefiting from the social media evolution while using apps like Google and Facebook for free.

Streaming Shows and Movies

Another huge chance that came from the evolution and growth of the internet is the ability to stream shows, movies, and sporting events on your different devices. With more and more people opting to cut the cord of their cable service, streaming networks and apps are gaining massive popularity.

Netflix was the trendsetter when it comes to streaming but it didn’t take long for other content providers like HBO to follow suit. Now there are a plethora of options like Hulu, Prime Video, and even entire networks like SlingTV designed to allow you to stream all of your favorite content at home or on the go.

This also provides the greatest amount of convenience and flexibility since you’re able to watch your favorite shows when and where you want. If you’re stuck waiting at the doctor’s office all you need to do is get your phone out and you’re ready to start streaming that next episode of Peaky Blinders or Grey’s Anatomy.

Personal Digital Assistants

Pretty much everyone with a mobile device has access to a personal digital assistant. This is even more true for people that live in homes equipped with Alexa or Google Home devices. These devices allow you to get answers to questions like “What time does the Super Bowl start?” and “When is Fathers’ Day?”.

They also provide a much greater degree of convenience. If you’re doing the dishes and you want to listen to music you only need to ask your personal digital assistant to play the music you desire. The next time you’re on a John Mayer kick while you’re washing the dishes you’ll have hands-free access to your favorite tunes.

Pretty much every major tech company from the past decade has its own version of a personal digital assistant. These devices have gotten integrated seamlessly into your everyday life. They provide much more convenience than ever before.

The Growth of WiFi

Anywhere you go you’re likely to find a private WiFi network that belongs to a local business. Even places like McDonald’s and Starbucks offer free WiFi services. While this might be taken for granted, things weren’t always like this.

WiFi used to be a rare occurrence only ten years ago. Since then, technology has grown to provide faster and more secure internet connections. These are perfect for use with all of your mobile devices and laptops. This has also led to a different kind of job market.

Now more than ever, people are able to make a living accepting gig jobs and working remotely. This allows for people to live as digital nomads that work when they want to. They use WiFi at different restaurants and businesses near where they’ve stopped.

WiFi is also incredible because it is compatible with a wide variety of everyday tools and appliances that you’ll see in a home. Refrigerators and home security systems are all capable of running off of your home WiFi giving you unprecedented levels of control.

Now You Understand the Evolution of the Internet

It is easy to take for granted how much the internet has changed and how quickly those changes have happened. From the growth of social media to the evolution of the internet as a whole, it is a different world than it was ten years ago. Nearly everyone has a personal digital assistant and you can find WiFi just about anywhere you look.

Social media is a massive part of everyday life and the main way to market goods and services to consumers.

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