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Things You Need To Know About Triton Boats


When it comes to fishing and boating, you deserve nothing less. Although there are lots of performance bass boats out there, one brand stands out among the rest: Triton Boats.

Things You Need To Know About Triton Boats

Triton has been manufacturing high-quality boats known for their exceptional performance and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an amateur to the fishing hobby, you know you can rely on the boats they make. But before you go out and look for Triton boats for sale, here are a few things you need to know about the trusted brand.

History of Triton Boats

The company was founded in 1996. And by the following year, they introduced the first wood-free, 100% composite bass boat called the TR21. By 2001, they have already emerged as the nation’s leading boat manufacturer. Since then, they have been dedicating themselves to providing only the most technically advanced bass boats. In 2016, Triton Boats celebrated its 20th anniversary. And just two years later, they have moved their location to a state-of-the-art facility in Midway, AR.

As a testament to their dedication, the company has produced a wide range of boats for whatever purpose their customers need. From bass boats to ski and walleye boats, you know you can find a Triton boat for you.

The Triton Boats Difference

The secret to the success of Triton boats is their state-of-the-art boat construction techniques and methods. They manufacture their handcrafted boats in the Arkansas Ozarks using only the best raw materials and working with skilled craftspeople. Triton Boats continue to refine and hone their skills in boat making.

Triton Boats pride themselves on their workmanship. Their hulls are built to focus on nimble maneuverability at high speeds without any compromise to safety, handling, and durability. This is their guarantee that any Triton boat you get is ready and built to last a lifetime.

Unlike other manufacturers, the Triton brand uses a one-piece composite and fiberglass system known as Zero Flex Stringer System™ for their boats. The stringer system’s radical design helps the vehicle in eliminating deck and hull twisting. On top of that, their stringer design is engineered to perfectly fit into the hull with no gaps in between. These set them apart from the competition, giving their boats unparalleled strength and rigidity in the water.

Number One in Safety

Triton Boats knows that safety is a major concern to any boat owner. That’s why every boat they manufacture exceeds the standards of the U.S. Coast Guard, National Marine Manufacturers Association, and American Boat & Yacht Council. No expense was spared during the building and testing of the boats. This is to ensure that the clients will have complete confidence in the quality of the boats when it comes to safety.

Triton Boats Lineup

From casual weekend excursions to professional bass fishing tournaments, Triton Boats has got you covered. There are currently three of their lineups available:

  • Bass Boats – For high-speed boating with the best handling and performance in the water, nothing comes close to the bass boats manufactured by Triton. Their newest flagship fiberglass bass boat, the all-new 21XrT, delivers high performance like no other. Designed with speed and comfort in mind, it raises the bar for what a bass boat is supposed to be capable of doing. Each model in the bass boat lineup can be personalized to fit your fishing style and needs.
  • Fish and Ski Boats – With its large interior space, Triton fish and ski boats can take you, your friends, and your family on a fun water adventure. The 206 Allure model is perfect for taking on such a task. Its powerful 250 horsepower engine can provide a lot of pulling power. With its ergonomic design and spacious interior, Triton fiberglass fish and ski boats are perfect for a fun fishing getaway.
  • Walleye Boats – This lineup is designed for functionality and performance in fishing. In this lineup, Triton offers the 206 Fishunter model. It’s great for the weekend angler looking for big rig features with no sacrifice to fishability. With a stable platform, a wide range of storage options for various fishing gear, and other interesting quirks and features, the only thing that you need to focus on is fishing.

When it comes to your boat, never compromise on safety and performance. Whenever you’re looking for the boat that you need, look for Triton boats for sale. You won’t regret your purchase!


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