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Tips for Parents of Teenage Drivers


Almost half of the accidents that happen on road are because of careless driving and majorly the youngsters are involved. The main factors include lack of driving experience, age, avoidance of seat belts, drinking and driving, driving at night or getting distractions such as texting or communicating with other passengers.

Tips for Parents of Teenage Drivers

As an adult, you understand these specific risk factors, and how they can contribute greatly to the danger of teenage driver’s car crashes. As a parent, knowing the dangers involved in getting your teen behind the wheel, you should act to improve your children’s situation and potential outcome considerably.

Here are some tips that will help parents to mentor their teen drivers into safer road users:

1. Be a Good Example:

While driver school can be a convenient way to teach teenagers how to drive, it may not always bring out the best driver in them. There are many things teenagers can learn from driving school in terms of the actions to take in case of emergency. Setting a good example when driving with your teenager is a great way to teach what you know.

2. Restrict Night Driving:

Driving at night is challenging for the most of us and riskier than just a challenge for beginner drivers. Many teenage driver car accidents have been shown to occur at night, often after 9 pm. And of course, limiting driving after 9 pm would substantially decrease the possibility of accidents. Many factors help to understand why driving at night can be a problem for new drivers. First of all, it’s the lack of practice, because even when teenagers are out with friends, so there is a possibility of having distractions.

3. Supervise Driving Lessons:

Beginners can gain more driving experience by driving in more difficult conditions like in heavy traffic. Though supervising them during these lessons is important, make sure you avoid supervision too much. Allowing young drivers to think about problems and work about them will help them more than simply instructing them what to do.

4. Insist On Seat Belt Use:

Buckling up is perhaps the most simple and important measure of car safety. When driving, particularly when out with friends, teens always forget to put on their seat belts. Insist that your teen driver to use a seat belt to keep themselves safe.

5. Choose a Safe Car:

Yes, your old car might be a good option for your teen driver only when you were driving it. Yet older vehicles have not the same safety features that are available in modern car models today. Whether you’re on a tight budget, or your old car has sentimental value, it’s understandable why you hand your old wheels to your kid. But it is still easier to go for a newer and much cheaper car in the safety sense.

You can’t be there every time your teen drives and that is when a need for a dash cam or a GPS tracker goes to play. A device like KENT CamEye can be of a great help as it is a dash cam cum GPS tracker. It has a dual camera built in that record all that happens inside and outside the car. As it has a GPS tracking app it can track the vehicle in real-time and uploads data in secure cloud storage, which can be downloaded to your mobile phone’s app at any time. It also has a free home demo for better comprehension of the functionalities. To have it shipped to your door you can buy it directly from Amazon and Flipkart. So, make sure you pick the right device and ensure full safety to make teen and vehicle.

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