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Top Email Marketing Services for Shopify Stores


Are you ready to attract more customers to your Shopify store?

Chances become high if you think about using effective email marketing services. It implies that – to make your Shopify store successful, it’s time to integrate the app with an email marketing tool for enjoying all the functional features.


Email marketing comes up with various advantages, including increasing sales, raising conversions, and improving overall stores’ probability. Uniting email in an app won’t only make it easy to reach more customers but also search engines and social media platforms offer numerous opportunities to obtain more organic traffic. Shopify email marketing services make a major growth in return on investment (ROI).

Top Email Marketing Services for Shopify Stores

But, how can you make the most out of email marketing?

Stay here – don’t worry! We bring some of the best email marketing services for your store to make an instant improvement in your sales.

Let’s get started!

Effective Shopify Email Marketing Services

● Conversio

Conversio is a powerful email marketing tool that sends automated emails, improves customer conversations, and collects and leverage reviews. The tool has already gained recognition among 20,000+entrepreneurs and e-Commerce businesses across the world. Through this platform, merchants can easily engage customers and establish loyalty with them. It provides access to customers’ purchases, demographics, preferences, and engagement data. The platform also encourages customers to review and post their photos of purchasing products through feedback requests.

● Remarkety

Remarkety is another marketing automation tool that will completely automate and personalize your email and SMS marketing. This platform offers email templates and provides complete pre-built campaigns for cart abandonment, reactivation, and more. So, whether you want to show smart product recommendations and boast a high delivery rate, this AI featured platform is an excellent choice. It automatically creates Shopify coupons with unique, single-use discount codes.

● Emma

With a strong focus on e-Commerce, Emma is a suite of multiple email marketing features that handle the detailed reporting and mailing score metric. The platform allows users to quickly keep an eye on performance metrics to determine where you’re actually lagging behind. Emma is one of the most effective email marketing services that enables users with a multi-user sign-in feature. With Emma, a Shopify owner can share logos, lock templates, and manage distributed teams. So, integrating with Emma will ensure you with checking the performance from anywhere and anytime.

● Omnisend

Omnisend is the most popular Email & SMS marketing platform that won’t only assist in building engaging newsletters but also provide 24/7 support, offer push notifications services, and many others. Its various features make it quick in building email sequences on the other platforms. Integration of both Shopify and Omnisend isn’t only seamless but it also provides dynamic sign-up boxes, pop-ups, and landing pages to capture new leads.

● Klaviyo

Combining your e-Commerce store with Klaviyo offers various properties without the need for coding skills. Through the platform, it becomes easy to gauge performance data for enhancing the customers’ engagements. The platform enhances your business doesn’t matter how much growth you want to see in your overall performance. Its powerful pre-built integrations, flexible account options, growth-focused reporting, social advertising, insights and guidance, and others take your business to the next level.

● SmartrMail

SmartrMail is also one of the most immeasurable email marketing tools that support every Shopify store owner with best-practice automation, including abandoned cart, gratitude email for arranging the premade templates. This fully-featured email solution is an adequate alternative for developing your online store. There are various features added to it, including post-purchase campaigns and others that make your brand leading and grow.

● Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a compelling and easy-to-use tool that makes a huge positive impact on the Shopify store’s growth and productivity. This premier email marketing tool has drag-and-drop and email templates, which further helps in building beautiful designs. It also allows you to create your own custom emails with HTML basic skills. Through this platform, it won’t only keep the campaigns well-organized but also help in achieving the desired goals. From complete customization to mobile optimization and template management, you can attract more and more customers to your store.

Wrapping Up!

So, which to choose? After determining every aspect, feature, and business need, it’s quite easy to pick one according to your business preferences. This is because your overall goal isn’t only getting the best Shopify email marketing services but it’s also about obtaining a solution that is best for your business, gives a kick start to your Shopify services, helps in acquiring more customers, and works for attracting more loyalty, engagements, and sales.

Naively, this write-up has provided you with an idea about the best email marketing services. So, you can take a maximum of advantages in both free and paid versions. However, make sure you focus on every functionality before choosing one.


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