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What Happens if you Swallow One Orbeez?


Orbeez is made up of silica gel, which expands in size when they come in contact with water. Till now, we used to think about things like are orbeez bad for the environment. But today, we will try to determine their impact on kids and adults. What if we engulf them down to our stomachs? They are harmful or do not cause any harm. You will get an answer to all your questions here. More you can better understand about things to be careful while giving orbeez to your kids for playing.

What Happens if you Swallow One Orbeez

Why is it dangerous to swallow orbeez?

Orbeez is made up of silica gel which expands when immersed in water. So if your kids swallow them, they are likely to choke the throat. This is a critical situation where you can even lose your child. That is why parents have to be very careful while giving orbeez to their kids. A single bead can be problematic if not handled with utmost care.

Consequences of swallowing orbeez for humans

Here are a few consequences of swallowing orbeez, even single in the count. So if you leave your child with his best plaything orbeez without care, make sure he is not picking them to swallow.

Does Orbeez expand in the stomach?

Since our stomachs have different liquids like Hcl, Bile, and many other beverages, orbeez will expand in the stomach. Further, they are going to develop in the intestine as well. As a result, their size grows many times compared to the original. But it is a good thing to know that they quickly pass through the intestine and do not cause any harm to humans. They are safe if you give your kids this orbeez to play.

Is it toxic to swallow orbeez for us?

Orbeez is safe and does not have any harmful toxic elements to swallow. So, if infants or others are eating them accidentally, they go easy. You can see them passing through the intestine without causing any problems. Most parents do not bother giving these orbeez to kids as they are colorful, so they lure infants more. Learning colors becomes possible with the help of these orbeez for infants also.

What if infants swallow one orbeez bead?

Like I said earlier, it is safe to swallow one bead of orbeez as long as it is not dissolved in water. This is because the beads that are water-retaining when dissolved in water grow exponentially. As a result, infants having a narrow esophagus opening may get their throat choked. That is why it is hazardous in such a scenario, and you should pay a visit to the medical assistant in such a case. So yes, although orbeez are not toxic and pass quickly through the digestive tract, they can still be problematic to kids. Parents must always be alert when kids are playing with orbeez or not give them water to expand the orbeez.

Does Orbeez pass through the intestine?

As said before, orbeez can quickly pass through the intestine, which is their most significant benefit. People are often worried about orbeez and kids swallowing them. But when they know about their easy passage through the intestine, they sigh with relief. These silica gel beads serve a great purpose when it comes to helping kids recognize colors. Most children learn colors with the help of these orbeez and related things. So if you are also a parent and want to know about your kid’s safety if orbeez swallowed, you can sit back without worry. They are safe if you do not give water to the infants.


Swallowing one orbeez thus can be problematic as well as safe at the same time. You can give a little care and attention while children play with these orbeez beads to avoid rare accidents. This is because orbeez are the best thing kids can play with, and you cannot snatch them from children for a few risks. Not all kids have the habit of picking items and putting them in their mouths. So ensure that your infants are not swallowing water immersed in bigger orbeez; rest, you can feel free to give them to your kids to play.


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