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What is the Best Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchange?


Cryptocurrency holders often want to maintain anonymity and confidentiality as they make transactions in digital currencies. Unfortunately, most of the platforms where they use to cash in their coins for fiat currency or exchange for other cryptos require users to provide personal details to verify their identities; hence they do not offer the anonymity people want. However, several crypto exchanges do allow users to transact without identity verification. It implies that when you register or use the platforms, you do not have to submit any personal information, or you are not required to confirm the details you gave. With the anonymous exchanges, most of the time, you only have to enter an email address and a password to start making transactions immediately.

What is the Best Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchange

Advantages of the best anonymous cryptocurrency exchange

During the identity verification process at many crypto exchanges, you need to enter personal details, including your name, date of birth, address, and submit proof of identity (government-issued photo ID) and proof of residence (utility bills). The essence of identity verification is for the exchanges to comply with anti-money laundering laws. The platforms also run the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to adhere to the relevant regulations in their countries. Luckily, when using the best anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, you can withhold your details. People conceal their details at crypto exchanges for various reasons, including:

  • To avoid authorities, such as the taxman seeing their crypto balances, transactions, gains, and losses.
  • To avoid the risks of the exchanges mishandling their personal data, exposing it to hackers or other prying eyes.
  • For multiple reasons, to hide their crypto investments and trading details to various individuals and organizations, for example, their spouses, creditors, employers, employees, etc.

Disadvantages of the anonymous crypto exchanges

You must be still asking yourself: what is the best anonymous cryptocurrency exchange? But before we discuss the top anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, we need to point out the disadvantages of the majority of anonymous platforms. The most significant downside is that such exchanges set a threshold for unverified traders and limit their trading volumes and withdrawals on a daily or lifetime basis.

What is the best anonymous cryptocurrency exchange?

It is time we set the record straight on the big question: “What is the best anonymous cryptocurrency exchange?” If you need to use an cryptocurrency exchange, do not be bothered asking yourself, “Is it true that Nakitcoins is the best cryptocurrency exchange?

We can confirm that Nakitcoins is not only on the list of the best anonymous bitcoin exchanges, but it is the best anonymous cryptocurrency exchange. Nakitcoins prides itself in having been the first physical cashpoint for cryptos or brokers in Turkey where you can enjoy buying and selling digital currencies with fiat money, with no limits, securely and with the utmost privacy. Furthermore, Nakitcoins offers online exchange services for customers who want fast crypto conversion services using various funding methods.

If you are looking for a reliable platform to exchange your bitcoins for different cryptos instantly, look no further than Nakitcoins. Besides, you can enjoy buying and selling cryptocurrencies using your bank card quickly, for low fees on this leading crypto exchange.


Now you have an answer to your question: What is the best anonymous cryptocurrency exchange? There is no doubt Nakitcoins is the best exchange where you can trade your digital currencies anonymously. Other anonymous crypto exchanges include Binance, Kraken, and Shapeshift.

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