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What Makes e-Visa India a Good Choice?


People visit from abroad to India for several reasons such as tourism, sight-seeing, meeting friends or relatives, weddings and whatnot. The reasons are endless but the major requirement is only one i.e. Visa to India. Without that you will not be permitted to enter the territory of the country. You either need to apply for the regular visa or you can even apply for Visa India Online. Both the types have their own application procedure, duration, documentation and fees. However, e-Visa is a good choice if you want to obtain the visa quickly and without any hassle.

What Makes e-Visa India a Good Choice

Let’s read in detail.

Benefits of Applying for e-Visa

If you are planning to visit any time soon, you can apply for the Indian e-Visa electronically. There is no need to visit any embassy and you can complete all the formalities online and get the visa reached to you via email. However, it is not entirely easy and there are certain limitations as well.

You need to be the citizen of the eligible countries in order to apply for the visa or else you can go for the regular one. Moreover, you must have a valid passport that is valid for the next six months and latest passport size photos.

The next mandatory step is to fill the application form with genuine information and upload all the required documents. The documents required depend on the purpose of your visit to India. You have primarily three categories to choose from:

  1. E-Tourist Visa – this has to be applied when visiting the country for tourism related purpose or meeting friends or family.
    2. E-Medical Visa – this has to be applied when you are seeking medical treatment in India in a recognized health care center or hospital in India.
    3. E-Business Visa – if you are here for any business deals or meetings, you need to apply for visa under this category.

The duration of visit and validity period differs for each category of visa and also depends on the country you are from. Also, remember that you cannot perform any other activities that don’t fall under the jurisdiction you have applied for.

Also, there are specified entry and exit points to use when entering the country through e-Visa. You can only enter and exit the country through the designated seaports and airports as mentioned by the Government of India.

Final Words

So if you are from the country that is eligible to apply for e-Visa India, make sure to take advantage of it. You can easily get the visa delivered to you without you needing to move from your house. Don’t forget to take the visa along with you before you travel to India. Also, carry the required documents and cash to make your survival easy in the country.

For some countries, there is also an option to obtain visa on arrival to India that can applied for after reaching the country. You can fill the form at the airport and get the visa issues there and then.

So, all in all, it is very beneficial and easy to apply for e-Visa, so don’t wait and start planning your trip to India.


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