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Why Every Parent Should Install a Dashcam in Their Young Driver Car


Being a parent to youngsters is the hardest job in the world. They want to live independently, but the fact is they require lot guidance. They prefer to go on outings with their friends in their own car once they get their own license. While parents look for options and ways to keep their kids safe and that’s exactly when a dash cam can be a really great idea.

Why Every Parent Should Install a Dashcam in Their Young Driver Car

Below are the few points that show why do parents need a dash cam:

1. Helps in Keeping an Eye on new driver (youngster of the house)

Youngsters have the habit of enjoying their freedom and interruption of parents is something that they don’t want. They drive the car the way they want and know that no one can see and parents back home worry about their whereabouts and safety. This is when a dash cam can be of great help. It lets the parents see what is happening inside the vehicle and also shares the real-time location of the car on the mobile app. The dash cam makes it easy for the parents’ to keep their eyes and ears on their kid when they cannot be physically around them.

2. Ensures Safe Driving

With the help of a dahs cam you can be sure that your kid is driving safe as they know they are being monitored. They drive in a limit as they are sure if they will over speed an alert will get generated on the parents mobile.

3. Prevents wrongful incidents

There are times when your car touches with the other and your car or the other car gets to have some damages done and you both get into quarrelling on the road. People around try to get the issue sorted but to judge and see who was at fault becomes difficult. People when see the young driver driving the car, they start blaming and no matter what, you become the culprit. This is when dash cam can help you sorted and get you out of any such situation. You can simply show the recording and prove who is at fault.

4. Get the Car Virtually Geo-fenced

Youngsters are usually seen driving around areas where they should not supposed to go. Parents can virtually geo- fence the area on the map to ensure they are at safe places and taking safe trips. These trips could include picking and dropping off a friend, going to eating joints and more. Through geo-fencing parents can virtually fix the perimeter around these destinations ensuring the safety of their kids. If they try to cross that fence, knowingly or unknowingly, parentswill immediately get an alert. It gives freedom from constant vehicle tracking, and simply sends alerts if the car goes off the expected route.

In conclusion, having a dash cam like KENT CamEye installed on the vehicle can help parents in several different ways. KENT CamEye is a next gen vehicle security device that features a dual-GPS car camera setup and has the feature to record the interior of the car as well as everything happening outside the car. Both cameras can be used for live video streaming accessible via mobile phone. The device has an in-built GPS receiver and can, therefore, track the real-time location of the car. The device also allows playback of the route travelled on a map and can send alerts on a user’s smartphone.

The device uses artificial intelligence to detect if there is any breach in the set parameter. The face recognition feature can alert the owner if an unknown person is behind the wheels. It has a 3,000 mAh battery and 8 GB internal memory. It is priced at Rs. 17,999 with 3 months free subscription and is available on Amazon.in and on cameye.com.

You can get a free demo of our product by sharing your contact details at [email protected] or call us at 9582612345.


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