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Why It Is Important to Develop Practo Clone App for Today’s Business


What is a Practo clone App?

In the current pandemic situation where people are confined to stay at home to fight against the coronavirus, it is essential to have a Practo clone app which is a life-saving application. The practo clone app is an on-demand healthcare platform that facilitates people to have immediate consultation regarding health-related issues with the medical practitioner while staying at home. With the surging needs for medical health services, the upcoming entrepreneurs can join this thriving revolution by launching an app like Practo, which is the need of the hour.

Why it is important to develop Practo Clone App for todays business

What are the benefits of using an App like Practo?

  1. It allows customers to consult the doctor quickly with just a few taps to make an appointment with the doctor directly or virtually
  2. The app serves to be convenient for users to go for any sort of consultation based on their health issue as the application covers specialized doctors for various health categories
  3. The customer can choose the nearby available doctors who have registered on the app
  4. The data is kept secure and safe in the Practo clone app for future reference
  5. The patients can avail the health service at any time round the clock

What are the key features you can add to your Practo clone script?

You can add some of the significant features into your app for better reachability and gain a strong customer base. The app consists of three modules.

User Panel

The User panel can include features such as,

● Quick Sign Up: The app can allow the user to log in to the app using any of the user’s existing social media accounts such as Google, Facebook, Email, etc.
● Advanced Search: The advanced search can enable patient to search the medical service suitable for their requirement and the type of health service they need
● Appointment Booking: This feature can enable the user to book/schedule an appointment with the doctor as per their schedule
● e-Prescription: Electronic prescription feature can enable the patients to store their medical records digitally for later use

Doctor Panel

The Doctor panel can include features such as,

● Profile Details: This option allows doctors to update their details regarding their profession, area of expertise, years of experience, contact details, etc.
● Manage Appointments: This feature lets the doctor schedule the timing for an appointment with patients based on his/her availability.
● e–Prescribing: The doctors’ app can as well have this feature to remain well informed on the patient’s medical history

Healthcare Management Panel

The Healthcare Management panel controls and manages the whole functioning of the app. The app can include features such as,

● Doctor Management: It is important for the business owner to verify and manage the records of doctors of the particular clinic or hospital. It can also facilitate viewing the number of patients handled by a particular doctor and monitor their activities.
● Patient Management: The Admin can keep the patient’s medical record safe, adhering to the privacy protocols. This feature can also enable the admin to monitor the payment records and other patient’s details.

The Revenue model of the Practo clone app

Commission charges: The business owner can charge an amount as a commission fee for every transaction between the doctor and patient that occurs on the app.

In-app advertising: The app can have a dedicated ad space to rent to the potential advertisers promoting their service, for which you get paid.

Priority charges: The app displays a huge list of doctors available on the platform. The doctors can pay to get their profiles featured on the top of the search results so that the patients can find their profiles first.

How much does it cost for Practo like app development?

Smart doctor applications can help individuals obtain medical consultations at the foremost advantageous times. Practo like app development cost revolves around factors such as,

Building from scratch or buying clone scripts: The development costs high when you create an app from scratch as it requires a lot of time, money, effort to hire a developer team to do the app development, etc. Readymade Practo clone scripts offer you an effective solution at an affordable price range in a shorter time.

Depending on the app platform: Development cost varies for Android or iOS platforms and costs more when you want to launch on both

Features & Functionality: It depends on the features you add to the app. The cost is higher if you add more advanced features like Geo-locations, Push notifications, calendars & reminders, etc.

Final say,

The Practo clone app will have a great impact on people as it is the most sought service at the current time. So, aspiring entrepreneurs can bring about a huge difference in the business ecosystem by launching a life-saving Practo like App Development. You can seek proficient healthcare mobile app developers to contemplate your entrepreneurial ideas into reality and deliver something phenomenal.

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