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Why It Is Necessary To Inspect A Newly Built Home Before Buying?


It usually is the case with buyers that when they are buying a newly built home, they don’t think home inspection as something necessary. If you are one of those who assume that home inspection is not necessary for new homes, you need to change your assumption. Just because it is new construction does not make it flawless.

Why It Is Necessary To Inspect A Newly Built Home Before Buying?

People are usually very cautious when they buy old constructions. It is a fact that old houses wear down by time and it is a no brainer that everyone wants to purchase a home that is in good shape and perfectly safe for a permanent abode. Therefore, people hire home inspectors and have this property inspected in detail before they make a final deal. On the other hand, a newly built home seems flawless, therefore buyers ignore going for detailed inspection of the home by a certified home inspector.

Just think of a newly built home like a mobile phone. Are there no flaws in newly released products? Yes, there are. The same is the case with a new home. Given below are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring someone professional for a home inspection in Alpharetta GA. Have a look:

New Home Are Not Flawless

Well, when it comes to selling an old home, the owner of the home is bound to disclose all the known flaws of the property to the buyer as it is a compulsion on him by law. However, if the property is newly constructed, no law dictates to disclose the flaws. Ethically, the property owner must tell everything about the home to the prospective buyers but it does not happen in reality. When you hire a property inspector before buying that property, he checks if everything is built according to the code or not.

The Builder’s Inspector Is Not Always Reliable

If you are buying a newly constructed home from a builder and your builder ensures that the home is fully inspected and there are no flaws in the construction, even then you should go for the inspection by a third party. Only this way, you can get impartial results and protect your huge investment. Having it inspected by a certified professional gives the buyer a complete peace of mind.

Common Flaws In The Newly Built Homes

When inspected, some newly built homes have flaws like raised roof shingles, which is potentially damaging for the entire structure of the home if it allows water leakage. Another problem which has commonly being observed is that the contractor has installed the siding of the home incorrectly. If there appears a problem of vents not properly attached or routed, you will be facing lots of problems after buying that home. Sometimes the problem appears of not installing a proper drainage system and water penetration into the home. All these problems are quite disturbing if they show up after buying the property. Even if you are buying a newly constructed office, make sure that you go for an office building inspection in Canton GA, so that there are no problems afterward.

New Homes Ideally Need Two Inspections

When you are buying a home that is newly constructed, it would be better to hire a home inspector twice and have this property inspected in detail. It will remove all the doubts from your mind before buying that property. Even if you are the owner of the home and constructing a home for a living, do not ignore the inspection factor during and after construction as it is highly important for the safety of your loved ones.

The first time you need to look over the home when the home is under construction. It also gives the contractor the impression that you are cautious about the safety of your home and he makes sure that there are no flaws in it. The second inspection must be done when the walls are closed and the frame of the home is complete. You can also go for a third-time inspection when all the components of your home are properly installed and you want to make sure that none of these affects the functioning of the other.

Final Thoughts!

When you for the inspection of a newly constructed home before making the purchase, it gives you the benefit of adding value to your investment and you can save lots of money on maintenance tasks afterward.


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