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Why Study in Canada in 2020


For most college students, college is a wonderful time in their life. They finally have the freedom to go out and experience the world. But while college is a whole new world in of its own, there is also a whole other world out there. It is a world of infinite possibilities. Many colleges offer a study abroad program to many different countries all around the world. To study abroad gives you a much deeper education as you can learn the history of the world and experience different cultures. Sometimes that is more of an education than even your own native college can offer you. One of those places that you could consider going to study abroad in Canada. It may not be the most obvious choice for some, but Canada is a rich country when it comes to history and culture. It has big international cities and big sky country.

Why Study in Canada in 2020

The Contributions by International Students

One of the many reasons people decide they want to study abroad and especially in Canada is that they often find a deep education there. It is an education so deep that they want to take what they have learned back to their native country to try to make things better in their own communities. International students in Canada contributed an estimated $21.6 billion to Canada’s GDP while supporting nearly 170,000 jobs for Canada’s middle class in 2018. You are encouraged to study in Canada by the offering of scholarship opportunities to the best and brightest abroad. Those who immigrate to Canada contribute to the country’s economic success. There also may be more possibilities and potential here than in their own native countries. This is especially true if they come from poorer areas. But even if you decide to return to your own country, you become a life-long ambassador for Canada and Canadian values. Giving is reciprocal. When you come to Canada, you will enter one of the most welcoming environments, the unique Canadian culture.

Scholarships for Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

Canada’s new International Education Strategy with a 2019 budget allocation of $147.9 million over five years and $8 million per year of ongoing funding thereafter, will expand the numbers of countries from where international students come, as well as their fields, levels of study, and what institutions within Canada they will attend. Global Affairs Canada, that leads Canada’s international development and humanitarian assistance, offers short-term scholarships to students from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states who want to study in Canada. Canada awarded 141 scholarships to Southeast Asian students who attended 33 institutions across 8 Canadian provinces.

Studying in and Immigrating to Canada

Canadian Immigration Services make immigrating to Canada to study or work easily. A big part of that reason is that they want you to take what you have learned and use that to benefit and contribute to their country as well. With Canada’s plans to attract more international students, making the right choice of institution to attend is critically important. Many agencies can help you make the right choice of the best education program. They will match you with the service you need, whether that is a visa or permit to help you obtain Canadian immigration. Reliable services will stand beside you when you need to retain your Canadian permanent residence status, stand with you at Immigration Appeal Division hearings, and stand for you to obtain your Canadian citizenship.

You may come to Canada to study in 2020, to become enlightened by the abundance of cultural experiences and ideas, to live the innovation when new ideas become applied to your needs and expectations, or to develop deep cross-cultural competency. But in the end, you will find that you came to Canada to live as its rich history and culture make it very hard to leave for those who truly come to experience it. If you do this, you might just find that it is an amazing country with endless possibilities. And who wouldn’t want to fall in love with a country like that? So keep all of this in mind if you are planning to study abroad and be sure to make Canada one of your top choices.

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